Jan. 15th, 2009 03:21 pm
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Prison Break got cancelled??!!


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 *draws hearts*

At tonight's sneak preview I found MY movie. My SOUL MOVIE.. 
Me and that movie are meant to be together!!!
It is the most beautiful and touching and funny and brilliant movie I've seen in my life *nods*
I feel like crying because it touched my heart in so many ways!.. and it's a COMEDY!!!


Can you see how that one is just MADE for me??!! 

Know what's even spookier than the name part???!  The movie was first released on OCTOBER 3rd of last year.

Which is what??!

Exactly: MY BIRTHDAY!!!


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The Wii is Miine :)

Norii already has a band "The Noris" :)) 
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Bye bye 2008!!!

See you all in 2009 my darlings!!

I'm off to play more guitar hero \o/


Me? FTW!!

Dec. 18th, 2008 11:16 pm
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 I won two posters at the sneak preview tonight :)

For the first one I didn't even have to hear the question. The guy mentioned "Ghost Town" and I knew the answer was "The Office".. he then said.. "Which TV show.. "  Nori FOR THE WIN *lol*

A Twilight poster :))

After I turned around and was just getting back up the stairs he asked about a movie Jason Bateman was in.. and what movie the character Patrick Bateman was in.. 
Back down the stairs to collect my new prize !

The answer, of course is "American Psycho" :))

Steffi won another poster, for naming the author of twilight.. easy peasy..

The surprise movie was great too!
"Pride and Glory" with Edward Norton and Colin Ferrell! Cool shit :P

AND we have a date for January 12th.. Twilight preview!!

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Heath Ledger .. or Heath Ledgend, as [ profile] uponthesea  would say.. has been nominated for a Golden Globe..
Best supporting actor .. First step to the Academy Awards..

Kinda makes my day..

Can't wait for the actual Globes.. Neil Patrick Harris is nominated too. YAY

Overall. cool nominations. Interesting.. 
And Baader Meinhof Complex from Germany is nominated too..

Also, most nominations for the new Brad Pitt movie.. After seeing the trailer I'm DYING to see it!!


eta. LMAO: Heath is up against Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.. WTF??!


Dec. 9th, 2008 10:07 pm
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 Why have I never seen this before???!!!

Dom in a commercial in 1996. Why is the person posting these even asking if that's Dom.. OMG of course it is!!

back ..

Nov. 17th, 2008 06:39 pm
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..from an awesome weekend and already off again to see Franz Ferdinand in a few..
*awww memories*


Nov. 7th, 2008 02:47 pm
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Went to see "Quantum of Solace" with Tom and [ profile] hai_di  last night.

Didn't like the movie at all and was glad when it was over..
Oh well..
only scene I liked )
After I'm done with work and [ profile] hai_di  with her vocational training we're spending the eventing on my couch with Ryan Gosling watching "The Notebook" and the new Grey's Anatomy.

Tom promised to cook something special for us :)

And then.. oh my... 2 weeks of doing NOTHING :))
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adorable Kingston Rossdale and Ruby Maguire..

also. i'm totally in love with the new Take That song and video ( whereas Boyzone can diseappear to where they came from..)
AND .. the new album cover has surfaced. lohooove it!

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We have small mint candy's as a give-away at the front desk..
Printed on the wrapping is: "Nice to Minz you" ( Minze is german for mint.. )...

Is there *any* way to understand that in a naughty or slightly dirty way for american or english natives???!!!

( because one of the front desk guys said so.. he's a mr know-it-all.. so that's why I'm asking.. )


Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:14 pm
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a happy fandom note :

Dom to guest star on Chuck!

In what marks his first major TV gig since Lost, Dominic Monaghan has signed on to guest-star on NBC's Chuck as -- stop me if this sounds familiar -- a free-spirited British rock star targeted for death by a shadowy group of evildoers. And the similarities to his Lost alter ego Charlie don't end there. Well, actually, yes, they do. "This is a very, very different kind of character," insists executive producer Josh Schwartz of Monaghan's metalhead, who makes an in-store appearance at Buy More and ends up getting entangled in one of Chuck's spy games. "He's a lunatic in the best sense of the word. And there's no heroin [addiction]." Monaghan's participation is only half the Feb. 2 episode's sell: It also will air partly in 3-D, piggybacking on NBC's 3-D Super Bowl stunt. (The network will broadcast the big game the night before.) Aside from the cool factor of seeing himself in 3-D, what drew Monaghan to the role? Did he have any hesitation about channeling someone who, at least on paper, so closely resembles Charlie? And might his tube return be the precursor to another Lost comeback? Hmmm….Sounds like the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan. Scratch that. It is the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan.

Here's the interview with Ausiello about it.

He couldn't have chosen a better show for a guest role, if you ask me :)
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The smell of a candle
freshly blown out
the light of the clock
shines on my skin
like a sickly green moonlight
on a pale white day’s decay
I try to wipe you from my memory
but your face won’t fade away

another boy kissed me today
I laughed in his mouth
it’s not funny that I’m not kissing you
I’m not laughing because we fell through
it’s the stories they told us when we were younger about life and love
how our happiness lies in the hands of another
who’d fly in on the wings of a dove

well that’s the way the fairy tale goes
boy meets girl and they wed with roses
but that’s not the way it seems to be
and I’m pissed that they lied to me
cuz boy meets boy and boy runs away
or girl meets girl and she’s afraid to stay
we end up home alone watching court tv
not living ever after happily

you’re right
you are prince charming
onto the next princess when he’s bored with the last
he’s the hero of every story
he’s got his chapter in every girl’s book
he walks away with all the honor and glory
but I wonder what else he took

goodbye, prince charming
and drown sleeping beauty
shove Cinderella’s slipper where the sun don’t shine
toss the little mermaid back out to sea
cuz the fairy godmother had to perform another abortion today
and the seven dwarves live in the forest, of course, cuz they were driven away
but this part of the story could spark a cultural rage
so at the sound of the tone we just turn the page


starting today
we’ll tell the story my way
the king of imperfection
takes back the prince of mistakes

jay brennan - ever after happily

i soooo can't wait for the concert!!!

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Could someone translate this for us office-girls?!

Hola chicos,
Como David no contestaba, he mandado el email a Catherine , (con  el procedimiento, copia y pega). 
Y esto me ha respondido, os traduzco.
Nada de Level, y si quieres sauna la pagas.
Y ah!! que sois cutres y no tenéis jacuzzi en la habitación.... pues se siente... o la pagais.
No obstante, a nombre de quien esta la reserva ? Las tres al de Luisito? Borre, los email...
Es correcta la traducción? o , yo si que entiendo ingl es, pero creo que yo a ella  no la comprendo...

Thank you!!

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.. I realized that the last night was our last one in our old appartment.

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Heath..oh Heath

20.08.2008 The Dark Knight


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