Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:14 pm
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a happy fandom note :

Dom to guest star on Chuck!

In what marks his first major TV gig since Lost, Dominic Monaghan has signed on to guest-star on NBC's Chuck as -- stop me if this sounds familiar -- a free-spirited British rock star targeted for death by a shadowy group of evildoers. And the similarities to his Lost alter ego Charlie don't end there. Well, actually, yes, they do. "This is a very, very different kind of character," insists executive producer Josh Schwartz of Monaghan's metalhead, who makes an in-store appearance at Buy More and ends up getting entangled in one of Chuck's spy games. "He's a lunatic in the best sense of the word. And there's no heroin [addiction]." Monaghan's participation is only half the Feb. 2 episode's sell: It also will air partly in 3-D, piggybacking on NBC's 3-D Super Bowl stunt. (The network will broadcast the big game the night before.) Aside from the cool factor of seeing himself in 3-D, what drew Monaghan to the role? Did he have any hesitation about channeling someone who, at least on paper, so closely resembles Charlie? And might his tube return be the precursor to another Lost comeback? Hmmm….Sounds like the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan. Scratch that. It is the set-up to an exclusive Q&A with Dominic Monaghan.

Here's the interview with Ausiello about it.

He couldn't have chosen a better show for a guest role, if you ask me :)
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all of a sudden I have a day off today..
too much overtime in the past weeks.


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Finally watched the last few episodes with Flo, Angelika, Jonas and Fabian.

Besides that, we're having a great time including a loud football fan, shouting whilst walking right into a lantern pole..
Angelika and Flo already went to bed and I will, too..
Good Night my lovelies.. and especially my fellow fanDOM people, who made LJ such a wonderful place in the last years!!
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There are pics of Dom playing football with Evi HERE..
And he's wearing a Germany jersey!!!


yeah, things like that make me happy *lol*

sold out?

Jan. 15th, 2007 06:56 pm
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I've been talking to [profile] _skulking_for a while now .. and she just discovered that the Con in London Dom was scheduled to appear at ( as confirmed by his management ) is SOLD OUT ????!!!    


I havent heard from a single person who booked anything AND even the "Webcast" tickets are sold out on the site..
I truly think there's something wrong with the whole thing...
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God, I'm too old for this shit..

*gets all excited*

Dom's management confirmed that he'S booked for said convention on June 9th in London!!!

thank you [profile] _skulking_
Is it bad that I just checked the flights to London for that date??
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check out

[profile] dom_dedicatedfor more!

That's what being a good person is about! :)

I'm sure  it 'll grow again, [profile] galeena


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Thanks to [profile] theshapeshifter for the heads up...

It looks like Evi is saying "Look, that's you without that stupid jacket on"

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I love having so many people on my flist that just returned from ELF !!!

Billy's favourite things about Dom

It just makes me happy reading those things he said .. Yes I'm weird like that..
Have some videos along with the quotes

"He came to see my new baby [...] so I could go to sleep."

*sound of exploding ovaries*
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Kim, Katie, Kim and Cy left today.
Although it was a little stressful from time to time, having so many people in your appartment, I was sad when they left.
They took Tom to Potsdam, where he showed them around.
Next stop is Leipzig and then Munich tomorrow.. Not Tom though, he's home again *lol*

As I closed the door behind them I was not only sad to see them go, but also already missed talking english.
I cannot believe how much more fun it is in english. *lol*

Plans for this week?
Just work tomorrow, a day off on thursday , which will be spend with getting a manicure, a massage and a date with [profile] blavandgirl
Then a late shift on friday and an early one on saturday..
Saturday afternoon I finally have an appoinment at the hairdressers and then we'll hopefully meet [profile] evil_trisha and her boyfriend for POTC..
Saturday right after work I'll take the plane to see my parents!!
And then on Wednesday on to Munich to see [profile] skylar_muc and [profile] the_flo
I can't wait!!

PeeEss: [personal profile] dryope has new Dom ( and Evi) pics.. Apparently they're in London at the moment !
Anyone?[personal profile] snellios ?

Evi truly hates the paparazzi. No wonder they're not talking about their relationship
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[profile] salwood posted new monalilly pics ... (august 1st Hello-magazine)
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 Does anyone know what Renee, Dom's former PR woman is doing right now?

To me it looks like she's working for/with Jason Dohring now .. See her in the back here?

/dorky revelation of the day 

wow, and seeing him with his wife.. weirdness..

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what's up with dom's lip??
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Tomorrow, exactly one year ago,.. I posted this 

Even after 364 days have gone by after that..I still cannot believe my luck.
I've never won a single fucking thing... And then this.

I remember going to the supermarket and just skimming through that one magazine and nearly fainting after seeing that DOM would not only come to Germany, no.. to BERLIN.. and one could WIN a meet&greet.

I'll never forget these days.. and how that really made my year a special one!!

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I already stated this in [profile] theshapeshifters comments, because she checked out the entire audience at the England World Cup game..
I am really "scared" to find AFTERWARDS that Dom was in town or anywhere else where I could've been at the same time..

*shakes head*

He is not someone the german telly would recognize and point at during a match..

*le sigh*

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Now that birthday-boy has left for school I am more than bored... 
I went on a trailer-spot hunt on LJ and on the apple site. There were times when I knew literally all trailers that were available and when they finally came to Germany I was already bored with them..

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have done another movie together "The lake house".. Can you tell I'm excited? I was bored with Keanu and he is the one actor I prefer dubbed into german cos I hate his voice...BUUUUUT, he has done some excellent movies ( not the matrix ones,...) and he and Sandra have that chemistry...
Anyways... "The lake house" seems to be a beautiful and sad and overall "nori-must-see" film.. Go watch the trailer 

I HATE HATE HATE HATE Nicolas Cage, I really do... But I think I am gonna try out "World Trade Center" .. seems like a hollywood tear-jerker.. sometimes you need just that.

Mr Cage still looks like an complete idiot... ahem.. 

One last thing, about the dying boy who wants to meet that one model in NYC seems kinda cute...

Also..I've been looking for the trailer of "Catch and release", which I saw back in February ( the trailer, not the movie )... The film got pushed back until 2007 ... It's about a woman ( Jennifer Garner ) losing her husband and her life after that.
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thanks to bobbi for posting even more dom goodness over at dom_dedicated..

imagine having a boring fandom where nothing ever happens??!
this is just fantastic..

so ... yeah.. dom at the ABC TCA Party on July 27th

i guess we dont have to wait long for bigger, better ones.

i soooooo love his hair

*gropes teh hair*
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the new BRAVO has a two page article on dom..
*runs to buy*

*reads content on bravo.de *

„Lost“-Star Dominic Monaghan über Kirche, Küsse und seine Kindheit
Warum hat er vier Vornamen? Was hat er gegen Priester? Wie war sein erstes Mal? Wer brachte ihm das Küssen bei? Die Antworten darauf gibt Dom im Interview . . .

Lost Star Dominic Monaghan on church, kisses and his childhood.
Why does he have 4 names? What does he have against priest? How was his first time? Who taught him how to kiss? Dom gives answers in the interview..
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thought i'd prefer the first one, cos of the "lyrics"..
but OMGWTFBBQ.!!!!!..
charlie dancing...too cute ..teeheee

a few screencaps )

more on [livejournal.com profile] voodoo_in_tx's journal


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