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Hahaaaa, Elijah on "punk'd" is hilarious!!
I love how he has that typical desperate,close to crying face when being questioned..

I am back from my parents place and although I had a great time I feel like I am not so much home there anymore.
Which is sad and weird on one hand, but also a sign of growing up, isnt it?!

Meeting Eva was wonderful.
I met her on Saturday a few hours after we'd arrived and she had to catch a train a two hours later. So I was kinda shocked how fast out date was over and we hugged and kissed and parted ways *cries*
I miss her!!
And I love how happy she is with her new boyfriend!

ETA: omg,speaking of elijah.. *gasp*
look what [ profile] patsie posted: Elijah shaved his head!!!!!
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is this kelly osbourne?

and who is this girl?? )

dont worry that i move into a random fangirl, asking about girls on pics.. i was just wondering, cos both pics are from viggos sign language opening and both girls have a look like kelly ..
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ELIHAH picspam mood

to start off... my lovely girl angela with lij in prague..
Titel oder Beschreibung

Titel oder Beschreibung

Titel oder Beschreibung

and TEH SEX inside )

why oh why

Jun. 20th, 2004 08:49 am
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... cant I write in here regularlly??
this is what happened to my old hand-written diaries..
uhm... what happened?
debbie slept at ours tonight as she was in berlin for the "die Ärzte" concert..
we watched the germany_lativia game yesterday at katrins and christophers yesterday.. and it was awfull... the game not the evening..

on friday i met with angela.. she went to prague last week and ..... MET ELIJAH...
i dont believe it.. really..
post the pic-link another day... i really couldnt believe it when she told me..

so.. 1 1/2 month to go til our holidays.. cant wait although it shits me that this is our first holiday together... waaaaah


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