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 I'll be gone for the weekend.
Taking a late train tonight.

Tomorrow a date with Evi and baby Charlotte *awww*

Take care my lovelies..
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Nori is back from her parents!
I had a wonderful week, met loads of wonderful people..
Actually had the time to make it to more than just a coffee with most of them.
Evi and I spend the whole wednesday together and it felt so great..
The baby is 31 mm :)

So, yeah. Tom and I are going out for dinner tonight. Then I'm gonna relax and sort out being back in Berlin.
And monday? WAAAAAAAAAh.. I'm scared, but also excited.
Flo said I'm gonna rock the house, so let's keep it like that!!

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So, who's coming with me to see "The Divine Comedy" on Oct 11th??

*worships Neal  Neil Hannon*

I've waited all my life for that concert!!!!!

Other then that.. A post on how I saw the Nationalmannschaft various times the past days (there be pics!!) 
or how we have 2 friends from Italy stressing us out in our appartment.. 
Or how I LOVE my Evi who's in Berlin with her BF at the moment..  later today or tomorrow ;D

Until then, have some pics from [profile] maiky711 incl a STARING!jens lehmann.. guh



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The memorial service was touching. 
It really was.


I am not a religious person, but they really did a wonderful job, remembering the life of Tom's granddad!
We had a small lunch afterwards and then watched the football game in the Ruhr-stadium.
I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to just go out and watch the World Cup.. 
But it was fun and the whole family went, so.. yeah..

In the evening I met up with Eva and her lovely new boyfriend Robert. They've been together since February and as I hated her forner bf I knew he'd be good :)
But he's fantastic! The best that could've happened to my lovely Evi!

Today, we went to see my grandma in Herten. My parents are still on vacation in Italy,so she's very lonely... 

Then back to have lunch with Tom's family..We're gonna watch the England vs Paraguy match now and then it's already back to Berlin..I feel totally weird and out of place right now.. Too much stress and wierdness in the last days..
I need to calm down and relax a little...

Hope you're all doing fine!!

And now, let's sing the english anthem ;D
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Hahaaaa, Elijah on "punk'd" is hilarious!!
I love how he has that typical desperate,close to crying face when being questioned..

I am back from my parents place and although I had a great time I feel like I am not so much home there anymore.
Which is sad and weird on one hand, but also a sign of growing up, isnt it?!

Meeting Eva was wonderful.
I met her on Saturday a few hours after we'd arrived and she had to catch a train a two hours later. So I was kinda shocked how fast out date was over and we hugged and kissed and parted ways *cries*
I miss her!!
And I love how happy she is with her new boyfriend!

ETA: omg,speaking of elijah.. *gasp*
look what [ profile] patsie posted: Elijah shaved his head!!!!!
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I just had the most wonderful moment with my best friend Eva.. That totally made my day!
"Die Goldene Kamera" (german award show, somehow important from what i know..) had just started and the second award went to one of my fav singers "Xavier Naidoo"..
I share the love for him, his music and his concert with Eva and back when I was in Munich with [ profile] blavandgirl for the Franz Ferdinand gig, I got a text message from Eva:
"Have you already heard Xavier's new album?! Song number 11 is soooours! That's our song.."

So I went and bought the album. The song is called "Was wir alleine nicht schaffen" ( What we cannot do alone..).
So,yeah it was our song and I wrote a few lines of it in Eva's guestbook in her new appartment.

And Xavier comes on stage, gives his acceptance speach and says, before I sing my song, I have to sing you another thing.. And he sings "our song"..
Tom looks at me like I'm mad, as I rush to the telephone hoping that Eva's already back from the gym.
She picks up the phone and screams "ARE YOU WATCHING THE GOLDEN CAMERA???"
omg, i love her soooooo much!!!

ETA. soooo cute. Thomas Herrmans, comedy diva and "Quatsch Comedy Host" gets the comedy award, thanks his "man of 14 years" and says "and to all gay boys in the country, 16 or 17, in that awkward coming-out phase. This is the right moment to tell your parents why you prefer watching Award Shows rather than football! :D


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