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So.. in the end I don't get my vacation but a few days off instead.

So, I'll be working on the 24th and 25th ( 6am-2pm in case anyone wants to visit me, HA ).
I promised Tom I'd accompany him to the Christmas mass, so that and a cosy evening is the plan for sunday.

Then on the 25th we'll take a train to Bochum and my dad is gonna pick us up and we're gonna have dinner with my parents!

My next day at work is the 29th so we're gonna return to Berlin on the 28th..

Also on the 29th ? My last date with 

[profile] blavandgirl

*cries a little*
I still can't believe she's gonna be away for such a long time.

I don't even know if I'll still be living in Berlin, when she returns.. If she returns...

Anyway. After two days of work Tom and I will be leaving again.
This time for Prerow to see Tom's parents at their house at the Baltic sea. We're gonna celebrate New Year's on the beach.. The freezing beach *lol*
But thousand times better than loud, restless Berlin.

So, yeah.. That's my schedule for the rest of the year ...

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1. Hard Rock Cafe is sending me a complimentary card to make up for the dinner in Munich .. woohooo..

2. Prison Break Season 1 is still not my favourite show, but it grows on me. Wentworth Miller crying ?! *omigod*

3. Flist appreciation day number 3:
 [profile] evil_trisha, who is not evil after all ( but, shhh.. it's a secret). She didn't make the best first impression on me *scared*, but we clicked after a few words!! 
Thank you for all the talks and sit-ins in your appartment! I'll never forget the day you nearly confessed your undying love to me *lmao*
After all, Trisha made me blush big time, when she said I'd be her type if she were gay *loves*

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Just got in from the airport and already in a hurry again.
I had the grandest time with [profile] the_flo, [profile] kaoru_is_here, [profile] skylar_muc and the newest addition to my flist [profile] mr_crocodile (hilarious, I tell ya!!!).
Most of what I remember is hilarious laughter and lots of naughty groping *lmao*
I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants most of the time. It was wonderful!!

More on that tomorrow!
THANK YOU, Flo, for having us around all the time! I hope can deal with all the cleaning! I LOVE YOU
Same to you, Angelika.. You're a wonderful person to be with .. I love your dorky faces, fellow Einzelkind!
Jonas, thanks for some more insight in your life! See you around!
Tobias, you're just so cute and funny and hot! And I'll miss you a lot!!n Welcome to my world :) 


Aug. 2nd, 2006 08:39 pm
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I have two people on my flist that would be PERFECT for each other..
If I were a writer my mind would already be writing the perfect slash!!

I have been reading some old entries and I was OMGWTF.. so PERFECT!! 
Nearly the same age, same attitude, über-intelligent and , yes you've guessed it they're both gorgeous *lol*

*slashes them liek whoa*

/random observation
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Just booked my flight to see [profile] the_flo in Munich in August  *squees*
I wanna see a drunken [profile] sklar_muc while I'm there .. heard far too much about it.. need to see *lol*

So my trip takes me from Berlin to Düsseldorf on August 6th.. I'll be staying with my parents and see Mr Robbie Williams for the second time this year on August 8th.
Then, on August 9th around 6am my dad will drive me to Münster-Osnabrück airport ( tiny, I tell ya.. but the cheapest fares ) and I'll be flying to Munich  :)
I already know my way around the airport there  *remembers the Franz trip with Annika.. and the bloody nose*

So.. the question is.. Who else is coming to Munich, so I don't have to hump entertain [profile] the_flo all by myself??!
Trish and Jonas.. Tom has already booked his flight by now, so he can't take you by car.. But there's still cheap flights or you can persuade someone else..
What about you [profile] devil_spooky ??
You probably had enough of Flo already by then *lmao*

In other news..
Had a lovely day yesterday.
Visited [profile] evil_trisha 's parents in their cute little house by the lake..
The water was wonderful. Clear and not too cold, but very refreshing!!

Another panicky situation at night, but I'm ok now..

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It's once again too obvious that the highest highs and the lowest lows are always connected or at least to close by..
After saying goodbye to [profile] the_flo and [profile] skylar_muc (which made me more sad than I expected.. )Tom called me to tell me that his grandfather's gonna die today. He had a heart operation last week and is now only kept alive by machines, which will be switched off at three today :(
He is already 92, but he always seemed more like 65 or something. I loved him dearly and he will be sadly missed!

Now, next to my sadness is the anger at my work people, whose first comment was, we still have to even out your "sick time" from last week. Meaning other people have to work for me again.
I just wanna smash their heads together..

I feel sick..
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Had breakfast with [ profile] tuvali and Paul today at Kaiserstein. Didnt have the usual French Toast today, but pancakes.. hmmmm...

Tom and I finished season 1 of Veronica Mars last night after I came back from work and collapsed on the couch.
He made me dl the first episode of season 2 first thing in the morning today :D

[ profile] shivaluna glad you liked the present. I'm gonna congratulate you in person soon!!

*re-reads update*
Now isnt that a boring life??
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The therapy guy is a definite "no-no".
In the "How on earth could ever believe to find him attractive"-way...
*embarrassed looks*

Ahem, yes..

VM with Tom )

We had dinner at Krischan and Björn's place yesterday. Although Krischan told me they had split up a while ago they still acted like a couple.. an old married one to be specific. So I have to find out what that is all about *spies*
Dinner was fantastic.. And they had strawberries covered in white chocolate...OMG!!!

EDIT: EEEEEEEE; OMGZ.. they're early.. I just checked in [ profile] tuvali and Paul (!).. Squeee.. They just went to their room, but she looks adorable from what I've seen ..
And I have to say, I love uncomplicated people! There was no question whatsoever that we'd hug..
I know there will be one or two awkward moments, cos we both know so much about each other.. But I'm used to meeting internet people by now *lol*
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See you all on wednesday.. I'm gonna be at my parents house and visiting some friends!

Tom is hooked btw, Veronica Mars-athon shall continue right after this *lol*

Oh, and [ profile] pillboxhat is an awesome person!!
We had a wonderful time and she even gave me a copy of that backpacker magazine featured on [ profile] dom_dedicated!

Have a wonderful time, Jess!!
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Guess what???!

I'm meeting [ profile] pillboxhat this afternoon.
She's in Berlin at the moment!!! Can't wait to meet her!
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Went to the gym today. You proud??
AND I rode the bike to work yesterday AND today.. (that's 7km, my dear!)
You proud now??

I am bored. Why is one day stressful as can be and the next involves none work whatsoever??!!
Am waiting for Tom, who's gonna pick up and post my job application and for [ profile] evil_trisha who's coming around for a quick visit.

[ profile] tuvali I have my schedule for next week ( whoa.. its already next week!!) and I have an early shift on the 5th and a late shift on the 6th, so maybe we could all have dinner together friday night?

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1. List all of the LJ friends who you know or have met IRL.
[ profile] 1stquartermoon[ profile] app1e_pi[ profile] blavandgirl[ profile] blue_hobbit[ profile] bondgirl2002[ profile] cassiopaya81[ profile] cologne_chick[ profile] daph_the_weirdo[ profile] devil_spooky[ profile] evil_trisha[ profile] hai_di[ profile] igveup87[ profile] k_wedge[ profile] kaoru_is_here[ profile] kermiieee[ profile] littlepixii[ profile] maiky711[ profile] maripo5a[ profile] nairie[ profile] novafairy[ profile] patsie[ profile] pooh4[ profile] shivaluna[ profile] sistersluge[ profile] skylar_muc[ profile] stefsoleil[ profile] teainjuly[ profile] the_flo[ profile] tinaskywalker[ profile] wide_ocean[ profile] xmybellybuttonx[ profile] your_villain ( we stood next to each other at the FF show, though we only found out later..[ profile] ziyal

2. List five 11 of the LJ friends that you have never met IRL, but think that you'd get along with best.
[ profile] anne_elliot,cos she's a sweetheart
[ profile] blaah_blaahbleh because she's my NAAAAAAAAALI and connected to my fandom roots, as is
[ profile] footyangel
[ profile] galeena because we could've been seperated at birth and share many highs and lows!
[ profile] kerrsmith2306, cos he's gonna marry my girlfriend and he has an awesome taste in men and tc shows
[ profile] lennongirl cos she just doesn't wanna grow up
[ profile] lilalo also connected to my fandom roots ♥
[ profile] macphista cos she's extraordinary!!
[ profile] magikalcrab because she's crazy and lovely and beautiful and she always leaves me out in her memes *lol*
[ profile] swoonstar cos she's glittery and shimmery and she loves what I love and does it with devotion!
[ profile] theshapeshifter is just adorabley gorgeous and über-intelligent and wise and I LOVE HER!

3. List five of the LJ friends that you most look up to and admire.
[ profile] stefsoleil for her strength!
[ profile] blavandgirl for her courage!
[ profile] theshapeshifter for everything I know her for..
[ profile] boobie_tassels for everything she went through since i've known her!
[ profile] sistersluge because she will be my first online love forever

4. Which of your LJ friends do you think has the best username?
[ profile] yourvillain[ profile] teainjuly and the one i can never remember how to spell:[ profile] blaah_blaahbleh

5. List five - 12 of the LJ friends that you wish that you knew better.
most of you *lol* but expecailly and because you are all so far away..
[ profile] _skulking_
[ profile] anne_elliot
[ profile] blaah_blaahbleh
[ profile] lilalo
[ profile] macphista
[ profile] skylar_muc
[ profile] tamarazoo
[ profile] teainjuly
[ profile] teeneen
[ profile] the_flo
[ profile] tuvali
[ profile] txvoodoo

6. Do you have any LJ friends that you are kind of intimidated by? If so, list them.
Not really intimidated, now.. Suprised by intelligence or beauty, yes.. but not intimidated--

7. Do you have any LJ friends on your list who irritate you or make you angry?

8. What about having anyone on your LJ friends list who make you laugh until it hurts?
[ profile] lennongirl shares the best "this is my life!!" stories..
[ profile] magikalcrab has the most adorable black humour and
[ profile] app1e_pi always makes me chuckle with her witty and intelligent remarks.
Oh and [ profile] macphista just sees the things from the perfect angle!!

9. Who do you consider to be the most physically beautiful person on your LJ friends list?
Good god..I am proud to say I have the most beautiful flist in whole LJ land!! Seriously.
If I'd have to chose, i'd like to be a mixture of [ profile] sistersluge, [ profile] blavandgirl [ profile] boobi_tassels [ profile] jennifer81 and [ profile] satine405, so yeah.. you win

10. Finally, who on your LJ friends list do you envy most and why?
envy would be the wrong expression.
I admire [ profile] blavandgirl for her plans and courage for 2007 .. and most of you people living near a beach or the sea..*lol* in warm places!
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Just a plain update..

Had a horrible night after my migrane started right after the gym yesterday afternoon.
After the Atlas therapy, the therapist said, I should go though the next 2 or 3 migrane attacks without any medication..
NICE..I tell you...
Didn't get a thing done on my day off. Watched some TV which didn't interest me.. oh and yeah I brought my car to another garage who'll do the things that need to be done+the breaks for 700 Euros.. And it's still sadsadsad.. That money could've been used on other things.. Ah well..

Anyways, I'm not the kind of person who can sleep the migrane off, so I had a night of waking up every hour, trying to get back to sleep so I wouldn't just feel a thing.. And I woke up and I was still there..
I was close to just reaching for my pills, but the bike-hike to work made it all a little better. So I'm hoping it'll all work out!

[ profile] tuvali: Have a safe flight and snog [ profile] gimlisgloin from me!!
[ profile] jenish: Also a safe trip and the best of fun!
[ profile] teainjuly: ♥ , Thinking of you!!
[ profile] blavandgirl: Aba hallo, Du schaffst det. Och wenn Stina Dir innen Arsch treten muss!
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[ profile] blue_hobbit has not been kidnapped or anything *lol*
Picture evidence of her being in Berlin, chatting me up, can be found behind this cut )

both pics by [ profile] tinaskywalker
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Depressive-ness about being back in Berlin and Germany starts to fade a little.
Not that I'd go back any second, just more things to look forward to.

1) [ profile] blue_hobbit is in Berlin, and OMG it's her birthday today!! "ALLES GUTE, JULIA!! WIR STOSSEN DANN AN, WENN WIR UNS ENDLICH SEHEN!!!!"

2) [ profile] tuvali is coming to Berlin in May and staying at my hotel ( don't ask, of course she could've stayed with me, but she's bringing a guy, so ;) ..

3) Going to see my parents and my Evi-babe tomorrow (she has a new boyfriend btw ;P ). We're only gonna stay until Saturday morning though, cos I have to work a late shift that day

4) Debbie, one of my bestest old friends, is visiting next week from wednesday to saturday!! She is one of the most relaxed and cool people I ever got to know and I love her *squees*

5) My date with [ profile] blavandgirl and some other Lost-party related people on Saturday night :)

6) My baby ♥ , cos he always makes me happy, no matter what we go through. He has these wonderful cute freckles, and... oh ok....
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squeeee [ profile] blavandgirl and [ profile] hai_di are doing fine!
I received a first report of their journey 1 1/2 hours ago.
Their flights were ok, they survived the sleep deprivation and a loud youth hostel in Christchurch and have just met [ profile] kerrsmith2306 and took a tour to Mount Cook.
Weather is great, which made the tour exhausting, hiking in 30° Celsius :P

Anyways, that was that..
Death Cab for Cutie rocked!!
I spontaniously took [ profile] wide_ocean with me to the concert, as Tom was sick and tired..
The warm up act, some John Vandersomething bored the hell out of me. Seriously, he wins the prize for most boring act ever!!
The audience was okay, there was no stagediving or other badasses, but lot and lots of smokers :(
It took a moment for the guys to get into the show, as it was the premierw of their European Tour. But after a few songs the sparkle was there and I enjoyed all the wonderful songs..
"What Sarah Said" has been my favourite since "Plans" came out and they played it near the end .. and it made me cry..

My job for now is to find out what the song is called they played as an encore.. Sandra and I were both pretty impressed by it, but have no idea if it was a cover or on of their songs.
Let's ask google :D

ETA: Sandra, the song is "Follow you into the dark" and it's on the latest album!! *lol*
It sounded sooo different live..
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ANNE!!!!!!!! come and chat with me about my mullet LOL !!!
stardom please!!

EDIT.. im gone *sits in corner sulking*
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a special shout-out to my new flist-member [ profile] tamarazoo
Oi, Tamara!
Muito prazer em conhecê-la.
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ok.. im officially HOME now..
i came home last night with my dad, as tom is still with his mom at the sea ( .. yeah .. nice). i love my dad as he is wonderful company and its so much fun to spend time with him. and he's staying until saturday!

im working my way through my flist right now.
first thing..
[ profile] sacreddesire i just read your post from august 20th... i miss you too lovely.. and we will talk soon! feels good to be mentioned in such honorable circle of wonderful ladies.. *loves*

[ profile] xwasted_exhalex thanks for missing me :) that post was the first i read when i found the internet cafe and it felt sooooooooooo goood!

[ profile] sistersluge less then two hours.. i am so FUCKING nervous! what if the internet crashes or my boss is around?? this is just .... aaaaaaaaah

[ profile] magikalcrab did you get my postcard?? gonna get my qaf DVDs TODAY..

[ profile] footyangel HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. i know its late but still it comes from MEEEEE.. *loves*
so finally... did you like the winegum and chocolate??

for those who are interested in my crappy vacation )

but anyways..
im glad to be back..
and this makes me feeling so fucking good:
Titel oder Beschreibung
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am gonna miss you all my flist-- on my way to my parents
will be back on wednesday. i dont know if I'll be able to go online in that time :(

[ profile] sacreddesire eat healthy and sleep tight love!
[ profile] sistersluge have so much fun. i know you will think of me. ta! i love you
[ profile] mojomonkey its been so lovely to chat and actually see you *loves* flash me next time.. hahah
[ profile] footyangel its a love/hate thing on lj dont ya think? you're my long lost friend
[ profile] littlepixii i miss you! but i think of you cos i have your cd with me
[ profile] magikalcrab cheers to good sex.. we're all jealous, honey
[ profile] pokeh wheres the one to beta?? love your fic, babe
[ profile] paper_melodies you're so funny, sweety! i love you!
[ profile] xwasted_exhalexyour way to england? have fun with daniel.. hahah
[ profile] fansite4dom thinking of you, hope everything works out well!

aaaaaah im getting all emotions *sob*
what will happen when i go on my 3 week vacation in august..

see you all next week


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