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Seems like we wont be getting any sunshine until we leave *cries*

Thunderstorms, rain, thunderstorms and some more rain :(

This was supposed to start in about 4 weeks! Bad weather, you are TOO EARLY! ASSHOLE!
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I'm truly feeling good about myself today!

It's a feeling I never really had in the past when I managed to stay on my own. But today I feel good and content.
Maybe it's also because I know that I have Tom with me for the next three weeks.
But, yeah.

I visited a friend last night, got home around 10pm, watched a little TV and went to bed.
Totally calm..

: )

Ingrid Michaelson with [ profile] stefsoleil  and Mareike tonight after work.

Then a little more packing and cleaning :)

I can't fucking wait!!!!


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We may not be able to stay there yet.
Tom's dad bought THIS


Just. .. yeah...

56 more days


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We just finished watching a documentary about south Florida and are both dying to get back asap!!
I miss it!

ION: The Fossil Europe store sent me a new DKNY watch, after sending mine in because 7 of the swarowski chrystals had fallen out.. woohooo
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Christoph's building and his appartment

view from the living room and the kitchen

view through the balcony and Chris' car

In the afternoon the sun came out and gave our first trip to the pool this wonderful light.The water was still a little cold though ;)
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I'm back in Berlin..
It is fricking cold and ugly and dirty and I just want the sun back...

The flight was okay. Guess whose screens didn't work??
Yup, Tom's and mine. Unbelievable..
Afterb they didnt work on the whole plane on your way to the US, this time just ours remained black.
I slept, what felt like, after "losing" 6 hours I tried to sleep for an hour and am now walking around half dead.

Already emptied on of my suitcases.. Wow, I didnt realise I bought so many DVDs. Damn you Blockbuster for "BUY 2 GET 2 FREE" .

Oscars tonight. OMG I'm always waiting for that ALL YEAR!!
Thought about staying up, staying in the FLorida time-zone for one more day, but I feel it just won't work. So I'll just go to bed, record it and get up real early.
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We're getting ready now.
Spend my last dollars on a dkny and michael kors watch at the outlet mall and the purple speedcats.
Most of the time treating myself to nice stuff makes me feel better, but today I feel just sad.
Of course I can't wait to get back to my Berlin girls, but the rest? Hmm.. I don't even wanna go back to my own bed. I slept like a baby in the guestroom over here.

Coming back from Edison mall, I have this "ooh, this is the last time I'll see this and that spot" feeling.. I even came into the appartment thinking "I hope I remember this smell".

So I'm now getting some ice from the fridge, drinking my last "Lime Diet Coke" and watching E!..

Tom just asked me if we'd go and live here, when he gets his Green Card..bummer...


Mar. 4th, 2006 03:46 am
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It's our last night..
We went to that wonderful Indian restaurant with Peter and Lauren and are now drinking wine in front of the TV.
We have to watch another Family Guy episopde, which became a regular, cos Christoph is kinda addicted to it. I never expected it to be that funny though. Stewie is hilarious!!!

Anyways, we're sad that we have to leave tomorrow afternoon. It is soooo cold in Germany, and there's so much snow, Frankfurt closed it's airport..
I'm gonna miss everything ... I had a discussion with [ profile] blue_hobbit last year after returning. She said she misses so many things about Germany,.. I know so many things I prefer here .. sad, sad..

I still have some dollars left, so I'm planning on buying some make-up and the purple Puma speedcats tomorrow..

Right now, Tom is weighing our luggage.. ARGH.. We have more than doubled the weight of our luggage!!
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Missed Lost tonight, cos we're having barbeque at Peter's house, after spending all day at the beach. *sigh*
(How will I cope coming back to the cold german weather)

Project Runway )

Oh, and I learned to play Poker tonight :) And I wasnt even bad at it..
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I usually sleep like a baby in our wonderful guest room here..
But after Christoph and Tom insisted on watching Saw on DVD last night, my night was horrible. No bad dreams or anything. Just bad sleep and weird thoughts..
ARGH.. I didnt even watch it with them. I took the laptop and watched "Weeds" which is adorable and hilarious.. But I heard and saw enough to be scared. And wow, the twist in the end?! urgh.

Chris has one of his few days off today, so we're having breakfast at Denny's and will enjoy yourselves at the beach after that.
How I love the sun..
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Remember my little pool accident ?
I really don't know why, but I seem to be the clumsiest person on earth..
We went to Primeoutlet today and I tripped and fell on a parking lot, after using the bathroom at a Subway.
Tripped and slid with my knees and hands over the asphalt.. niiiiice..

So, next stop Walgreens, where we met the nicest woman who helped me with everything. Cleaned the wounds and such..

Shopping wasnt much fun afterwards, but I still treated myself to a nice Michael Kors watch, some shoes and two pullovers at Dana Buchman ..

Annika: You know what Tom said, when I told him, you're doing work and travel? He asked, if I wanted to go with you?!!

Key West

Feb. 27th, 2006 03:53 pm
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Our trip to Key West nearly began in the middle of the night..
I had set the alarm on my cell to wake us up on 6:30 am.. Not remembering that the cell was still on European time, which meant we got up at 0:30 showered and got dressed.. I looked at my watch. Turned it around, wondering if the battery was empty or the clock broken..
Until I realised my mistake .. Tom was still in the shower and I collapsed laughing in front of it..

So we got back to bed and slept another 6 hours *lol*

The boattrip was ok, I was PMsing a lot, so that didnt make it easier. It was cloudy when we left Fort Myers beach, but the most beautiful weather awaited us in the Keys.
What also awaited us, was the most beautiful hotel, I've ever seen. If you ever go to Key West make sure to book a room at the Nassau House ( It is a gorgeous old house, with a cute front porch and backyard jacuzzi, run by a gay couple with two dogs. So adorable.

We enjoyed our time, ate a lot of yummy cuban food and Key Lime Pie and I drank lots and lots of coconuts.
The only problem was that because of bad weather at sea, our boat wasnt going back yesterday, which left us renting a car and driving 7 hours up to Fort Myers. Wonderful.

Grey's Anatomy )
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I am addicted to "Project Runway"..(US TV of course ) It's much much better than Germany's next Topmodel, which also features Heidi Klum..To me, its far more interesting to see the dresses being made than the stupid girls walking the catwalk..
Project Runway has far more interesting characters and their challenges are really cool. I'm happy BRAVO is doing reruns every night.. so I got to see what happened until the three remaining conestants were left over ;)

And I'm in love with Nick ( axed ) and Daniel ( final 3, yay!!)

I realised just now,that I wont be here anymore when the finale airs .. damn..
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We had a fabulous day in Tampa.
We met Kim for breakfast at Perkins went to Busch Gardens afterwards..

Just 2 pics )

Am now off to eat that HUGE Domino Pizza we ordered ..

TV joys ;)

Feb. 20th, 2006 10:39 pm
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Oh, how I love watching Oprah!!!
We had some episodes on a not longer existing channel a few years ago...
And there's an especially touching show today. N'awwwww..
Is that DVD box worth buying?
I saw it at Best Buy the other day and it was really expensive I think!
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there you go )

We had the most amazing breakfast brunch in the clubhouse today.. It was très chic and swanky and the french toast was gorgeous.They had a huge bowl of strawberries, which was all eaten by me. nearly *lol*

After that we changed into out beach gear and drove to Lover'S Key again.
Man, the weather is wonderful and it's gonna stay that way!! It's even going up into the middle 80s!!

More wonderful food tonight, was we had a barbeque *holds tummy*
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Our first week is already over. Time flies..
We had some lows, but mostly highs and are enjoying ourselves!

We did some major outlet-shopping, as well as DVD :) and I saw Brokeback Mountain on Thursday. That I didnt do a "wow, impressing"post afterwards doesnt mean I didnt like it .. Most of you are right: The fuss about it was a little too big and set expectations too high.. But all in all I loved it. I loved the setting, the music, the story and the mood. The most outstanding, in my opinion, were the actors, though. All of them ...
I found the audience more than interesting, as I wouldnt have imagined sitting between 2 thirteen year olds and mostly over 50 years old couples..Interesting :)

Yesterday we spend all day just hanging around at the pool ( argh..getting more sunburned..), eating homemade burgers and watching "Freedomland" at the Belltowers Theater.
Christoph was in Tampa with some friends, seeing Bon Jovi live.
Both brothers are still asleep.. GOnna wake them up in a sec, as we're having breakfast at the clubhouse today.

Next weekend we'll be going to Key West ( cant wait!!) and the week after that we're planning on seeing the "Florida Everblades" ( ice-hockey ) and the Minnesota Twins vs Boston Red Sox ( springtraining..)

hugs'n kisses my darlings!!
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For the germans on my flist: I look like that Ohoven girl..
For anyone else, I look like I had a Botox accident..

Tried a little diving and split my lip open on the floor of the pool. Am ok, though. The only problem is the guys who are constantly trying to make me laugh.
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I'm starting to get nervous, asking myself all those "What if.." questions..

I always wanted to fast forward to tomorrow morning, and now it's time for my famous cold feet again..
Hold my hand??

So... *takes one step closer to the door*

ByeBye my Lieblinge..

3 weeks without you seems impossible, as I constantly think of things to post on LJ *lol*

Am gonna miss you, please keep me updated on the gossip okay?!


PS: [ profile] macphista had this in her journal.. which seems awesome:
The Johari Window
The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingram in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.
Pick out six descriptons for me here!
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Just arrived for my last day of work before la vacation ...
Suitcase and bags are packed.. The taxidriver would have taken it all with him, this morning.
I accidentially booked the cab for today *argh*

So typical..

Tom's dad called half an hour ago, telling us to pack some warm stuff, as it's quite "cold" in Fort Myers at the moment. I checked the online weather thing and it says 15 ° Celsius on Sunday.
Brokeback Mountain is waiting for me sooner then I thought, with that weather *lol*

I soooo can't wait to finally see the sea again, walk through the sand barefoot and just breath it all in..

ETA Holyfuckingshitsonofabitch.. I knew he would come, I knew it.. Ewan is coming to Berlin for the Berlin Film Festival..That has to happen when I'm gone, of course..
Am so happy for [ profile] evil_trisha and [ profile] cassiopaya81, as they have tickets for the premiere and the party!!


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