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Letting the computer loser out again.
QUESTION: What's up with a site when it looks like THIS ???
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-weather is making my head hurt.. me likes the warm temperature but somehow i'm not feeling very well..
-i wanna go home
-listening to fall out boy's "sugar we're going down" in the gym made me happy! love that song!
-made an appointment at the hairdressers tomorrow. after that new pictures for my job application will be made!!
-can't wait to see "Die Wolke" again tomorrow.. Franz is nominated to a "NEW FACES AWARD". Vote for him HERE
-went to see ICE AGE 2 last night, made me giggle (loved the opposums), but it is no movie to remember imo..

-LJ is acting weird.. My flist isn't refreshing.. Although I updated [profile] dinda_daily nothings happening on my friendslist.. I keep seeing an entry from hours ago... o:O
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[ profile] blavandgirls comment when I sent her the pic for the icon : "Shit, he is beautiful"..

oh, so true..
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My only German entry in a long time was brought to you by ultimate tiredness and a movie that had a huge imotional impact on me.
"Die Wolke"  ( The Cloud) is about the "breakdown of a nuclear power station in Germany and the story of two teenager-lovers Hannah and Elmar who take refuge. 38.000 people die and Hannah unfortunately becomes contaminated."

I didnt even wanna see the movie, blame it on ignorance.. But both my mum and Tom had read the book and said it was truly important to see the film.
Both leading actors were completly new to me, but blew me away.

And then the thought about the truth that the movie tells.. There are nuclear power stations in germany and there have been 114 reported smaller "accidents" alone in 2004..
This could really happen to us. And that scares me.
That fear combined with the emotional power of the movie won't let go....

personal links: one (Clips) , two (Franz Dinda homepage), three ( Official site )

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schaut euch diesen Film UNBEDINGT an!!!
Tom hat mich heut ins Kino geschleift, obwohl ich Migräne-genervt auf der Couch bleiben wollte!
Shame on me, weil mich der Film einfach nicht interessiert hat..
WOW, wunderbar spannendes und schrecklich realistisches deutsches Kino mit hervorragengenden neuen jungen Gesichtern.
(Heidi, Du kennst meinen GEschmack bei neuen deutschen Gesichtern ..)


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