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I really desperately want to see this movie!! 


Nov. 7th, 2008 02:47 pm
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Went to see "Quantum of Solace" with Tom and [ profile] hai_di  last night.

Didn't like the movie at all and was glad when it was over..
Oh well..
only scene I liked )
After I'm done with work and [ profile] hai_di  with her vocational training we're spending the eventing on my couch with Ryan Gosling watching "The Notebook" and the new Grey's Anatomy.

Tom promised to cook something special for us :)

And then.. oh my... 2 weeks of doing NOTHING :))
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Go see it!!!!
As soon as possible!!!!


And OMG Jonathan Rhys Meyers more beautiful then ever! 


Nov. 10th, 2006 12:18 pm
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Interesting stuff about BORAT..
I always wanted to know who was "informed", who acted and who was simply overrun by him *lol*

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found at

[personal profile] green_queen's

First name an actor or actress and a movie (TV show) they were in
Next name an actor or actress who was in that same movie
Keep it going for as long as you can.


BRAD PITT was in "Ocean's Eleven" with...
GEORGE CLOONEY, who was in "OUT OF SIGHT" with...

Get it? Got it? Good. Now play! Everything in comments. I'll start the first one here.

Matt Damon was in Good Will Hunting with...



Nov. 7th, 2006 02:14 pm
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*embarrassed sigh*

Entertaining, yes... 
But I had to close my eyes and ears more than once, sinking lower and lower into my seat.
My god, that guy really did it all. Didnt leave a single awkward thing out.
He's a genius, yes.. But it was rather stressful to watch him *lol*
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I'm speechless.
It brought back all the memories of the summer and no director could've made it any better!!

The only feeling I hated was the fact that I knew the outcome of the Italy game and I couldn't change a thing about it.

It felt even weirder to know that we had just been to the team's hotel around the corner, as they're still in Berlin and saw them coming back from their training..

PS 1a HAPPY belated Birthday to my special fellow libra girls : [ profile] bondgirl2002, [ profile] txvoodoo and [ profile] cologne_chick

PS 1b . Thank you to everyone who thought of me on my special day! Thanks for your wishes!!
PS 2: My PC wont let me connect to the internet all of a sudden. Tom's laptop works with my router, so the PC is the problem.,
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FOUND ON [community profile] manndecker

 "Deutschland: Ein Sommermärchen"

I am truly expecting this documentary to become one of the most successful german movies!!

It hits theaters in October and OMG it already gives me the shivers!!!

For everyone who doesn't know what this is about.. Sönke Wortmann, successful german director, followed the german nationalteam with his camera throughout the WORLD CUP 2006.. 
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Thanks you Shiva for the link .. THE World Cup documentary will hit movie theaters in october!1! *counts the days*


For all you uninformed people, the german director Sönke Wortmann was with the german squad throughout the whole World Cup and has every single special moment captured on film!
Even the celebration IN the cabin after the penalty shoot out vs Argentina ...

I'm betting all my money that this is gonna ben the most successful documentary ever11

We should ALL meet up an watch it as soon as it hits the theaters!!!!
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Gee, yesterday was the day of missed opportunities...

Kerstin bought two tickets to see Robbie Williams in Dresden on ebay.. You'll never guess how much she paid... 30 fricking Euros.. That's 15 Euros per ticket!!!!!

Aaaaaand, the lovely Angela thought she'd drive by the german team-hotel  ..  She is ALWAYS lucky.. She walks by a hotel and a celeb steps out *lol*

Check out METZELDER, LEHMANN and the FRINGS tattoo 


Tom and I went to see "American Dreamz" last night, of which I expected much more. Hugh Grant was hilariously annoying, Mandy Moore just annoying and well the rest was just.. meh...
I had such high hopes on this..
Ah well..
"The Lake House" awaits me in a few days.. They have chosen the perfect song for the trailer, if you ask me : "Somewhere only we know" just gives you the shivers in connection with Keanu's teary eyes..

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Now that birthday-boy has left for school I am more than bored... 
I went on a trailer-spot hunt on LJ and on the apple site. There were times when I knew literally all trailers that were available and when they finally came to Germany I was already bored with them..

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have done another movie together "The lake house".. Can you tell I'm excited? I was bored with Keanu and he is the one actor I prefer dubbed into german cos I hate his voice...BUUUUUT, he has done some excellent movies ( not the matrix ones,...) and he and Sandra have that chemistry...
Anyways... "The lake house" seems to be a beautiful and sad and overall "nori-must-see" film.. Go watch the trailer 

I HATE HATE HATE HATE Nicolas Cage, I really do... But I think I am gonna try out "World Trade Center" .. seems like a hollywood tear-jerker.. sometimes you need just that.

Mr Cage still looks like an complete idiot... ahem.. 

One last thing, about the dying boy who wants to meet that one model in NYC seems kinda cute...

Also..I've been looking for the trailer of "Catch and release", which I saw back in February ( the trailer, not the movie )... The film got pushed back until 2007 ... It's about a woman ( Jennifer Garner ) losing her husband and her life after that.
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Sore throat is gone.. Now it's more of a common cold I'm dealing with. Much better with the running nose and all ..
I wanted to stay in bed all day after work but decided against it.
As a result I had a beautiful day with Tom, who picked me up from work.
We had a coconut chicken curry on our way home, then did my laundry and left again to see "FC Venus", which I loved. Christian Ulmen and Nora Tschirner = teh dreamcouple of comedy..

We visited the brand-new shiny trainstation afterwards and then decided skipping the bus and walking home instead..
Tom had his arm around me, I had my hand in the back of his jeans. It was a wonderful walk! Took a break at the Kulturfabrik Moabit and had wine and beer .. Wanted to play some pool but I was too tired and way yearning for my bed.

How is everyone..

Don't forget to congratulate [profile] blavandgirl today, as it's her 21st birthday today *evil grin*

also, thanks to [profile] your_villain for the news: Franz Ferdinand will be on TV TOTAL on Thursday. I considered travelling to Cologne for a second, but I, A) have work and B) It's Tom's birthday,..
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-weather is making my head hurt.. me likes the warm temperature but somehow i'm not feeling very well..
-i wanna go home
-listening to fall out boy's "sugar we're going down" in the gym made me happy! love that song!
-made an appointment at the hairdressers tomorrow. after that new pictures for my job application will be made!!
-can't wait to see "Die Wolke" again tomorrow.. Franz is nominated to a "NEW FACES AWARD". Vote for him HERE
-went to see ICE AGE 2 last night, made me giggle (loved the opposums), but it is no movie to remember imo..

-LJ is acting weird.. My flist isn't refreshing.. Although I updated [profile] dinda_daily nothings happening on my friendslist.. I keep seeing an entry from hours ago... o:O
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I didn't think it was worth mentioning that my car is fucked up before.
Now that the garage called and told me that it'll cost me 360 Euros I kinda feel it is worth mentioning after all!
But that's the way it goes, eh? Win some, lose some. A guest tipped me 20 Euros *lmao* Yeah.

There are other things that make me crazy, but I wont go into details here.. Just, I have been to the gym a lot lately! *LMAO in CAPS*

I haven't been looking forward to a few days off that much in a long time.
Just one more shift ( thank god a late one ) and I'll have Wednesday and Thursday off. *wipes sweat*

Really looking forward to seeing [ profile] blavandgirl tonight, who had far too much fun without me this weekend.
We're gonna see V for Vendetta, finally!!
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My only German entry in a long time was brought to you by ultimate tiredness and a movie that had a huge imotional impact on me.
"Die Wolke"  ( The Cloud) is about the "breakdown of a nuclear power station in Germany and the story of two teenager-lovers Hannah and Elmar who take refuge. 38.000 people die and Hannah unfortunately becomes contaminated."

I didnt even wanna see the movie, blame it on ignorance.. But both my mum and Tom had read the book and said it was truly important to see the film.
Both leading actors were completly new to me, but blew me away.

And then the thought about the truth that the movie tells.. There are nuclear power stations in germany and there have been 114 reported smaller "accidents" alone in 2004..
This could really happen to us. And that scares me.
That fear combined with the emotional power of the movie won't let go....

personal links: one (Clips) , two (Franz Dinda homepage), three ( Official site )

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schaut euch diesen Film UNBEDINGT an!!!
Tom hat mich heut ins Kino geschleift, obwohl ich Migräne-genervt auf der Couch bleiben wollte!
Shame on me, weil mich der Film einfach nicht interessiert hat..
WOW, wunderbar spannendes und schrecklich realistisches deutsches Kino mit hervorragengenden neuen jungen Gesichtern.
(Heidi, Du kennst meinen GEschmack bei neuen deutschen Gesichtern ..)
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Our first week is already over. Time flies..
We had some lows, but mostly highs and are enjoying ourselves!

We did some major outlet-shopping, as well as DVD :) and I saw Brokeback Mountain on Thursday. That I didnt do a "wow, impressing"post afterwards doesnt mean I didnt like it .. Most of you are right: The fuss about it was a little too big and set expectations too high.. But all in all I loved it. I loved the setting, the music, the story and the mood. The most outstanding, in my opinion, were the actors, though. All of them ...
I found the audience more than interesting, as I wouldnt have imagined sitting between 2 thirteen year olds and mostly over 50 years old couples..Interesting :)

Yesterday we spend all day just hanging around at the pool ( argh..getting more sunburned..), eating homemade burgers and watching "Freedomland" at the Belltowers Theater.
Christoph was in Tampa with some friends, seeing Bon Jovi live.
Both brothers are still asleep.. GOnna wake them up in a sec, as we're having breakfast at the clubhouse today.

Next weekend we'll be going to Key West ( cant wait!!) and the week after that we're planning on seeing the "Florida Everblades" ( ice-hockey ) and the Minnesota Twins vs Boston Red Sox ( springtraining..)

hugs'n kisses my darlings!!
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Walk the line
..blew me away..Naturally, from all I had heard before, I had high expectations and Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon didnt let me down!
Both did the perfomance of their lifetime and I'd be giving them an Oscar instantly!

You didnt know if you should just feel sorry for Johnny Cash, or if you should love or hate him..There were even moments were Joaquin played sooo intense that it scared the hell out of me.
And that lovestory is just beautiful..

Coming home I watched Oprah's "The stars of.."
Brokeback Mountain
and my anticipation grew into new dimensions :)
I've heard from a few people that they didnt like the movie, but I am still hoping it will be mycup of tea!!
The interview made me fall in love with Michelle Williams, whom I hated in Dawson's Creek. She is just so cute and beautiful and you could feel the love between her and Heath Ledger.
One time, when asked about how they're coping with being parents, Heath looked at Michelle and said "She's the perfect mother" and you could see how touched she was by those words.
In return, she praised his daddy-abilities and said that their baby-girl always smiles at her daddy.. sho sho cuuuute..
So, yeah, one week to go.

I cannot wait to finally get up on Saturday next week and grab my suitcase and go to the airport!!
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i was, like, totally away from LJ the past days.. first the visit from tom's family, then work.. bleeh!

i need my routine!! lj, emails,, the german lotr board, do some memes, lj again ,check my bank account, check ebay...
not all those damn work things LOL

and i'm tired!!! tom works late shifts ALL week, which means that he's asleep when i leave for work and is gone when i return home.. when he returns home at night i'm the one sleeping :(

went to see "lovesong for bobby long" with my lovely [ profile] blavandgirl ( *waves to annika, one of the best things that could happen to me in berlin! and who deserves to be much happier as she is now!*
ok, i could talk about the movie, how i still hate john travolta or how nice scarlet johannsons tits are ... but the only thing i really really really wanna talk about is

gabriel macht

whoa... did you see the movie and know the guy?! the way the looks at scarlet.. sooooo intense.omg *happydeath*

*goggles him*

and dont get me wrong here. i loved the movie!! saying i only wanted to talk about mr.macht just shows my desperation LOL..
the film was wonderful! i enjoyed every minute of it.. the setting, the music, the acting and the story i'm sad though )

eta.. pictures...

more incl. spoilers )
nori1980: (Default) has the trailer for one of the best german films of this year..
if it should come to a cinema near you, go see it,its brilliant..
but, first, and this is an order, watch the

[ profile] lilalo - was it you, who liked daniel brühl? he's in it!!


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