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ahem.. is this me being a bad fan or did anybody else know robbie was releasing a new album this fall???

"ROBBIE WILLIAMS has bottled out of a chart showdown with man of the moment JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.
The Prince Of Pop has delayed his new album release — called 1974 — so it won’t go head-to-head with Justin’s latest, FutureSex: LoveSounds.
Both CDs were due out on September 11 but now Robbie has held his back until the beginning of October.
It’s a surprise move by Robbie. I hear he has his best and most experimental album to date up his sleeve.
"I’ve got my hands on details of 1974, named after the year Robbie was born, and it sounds like a return to form.
The first single, Rudebox, comes out in September, followed by Lovelight — which I hear is Robbie at his best — in December.
He has also recorded two rap-style tracks called The 80s and The 90s, about his days in TAKE THAT." 

Staying on that topic: The tickets arrived.. the seats arent as good as I expected them to be and I've seen lots of disappointed people on the .de forum ..

Another celeb that suprised me today .. Darren Hayes, former singer of Savage Garden.
He married his boyfriend of 2 years.
I've always suspected a little gayness, but he was married back in the SG days.
So, congrats!!!!


Post this in your journal, asking your friendslist (or whatever stranger that happens to wander by) to respond with whatever they know about you. It can be as matter of fact as 'Your name is Bridget, you're 25 and attending Harvard.' to the absolute useless 'One Thursday, you tried to hop down a flight of stairs and you fell on your face'.

A week later, write an 'about me' post to fill in the gaps in your friends knowledge.


Jul. 13th, 2006 01:13 pm
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Look [personal profile] kerrsmith2306 and [personal profile] hai_di and [profile] blavandgirl

Dispatch Notification from Robbie Williams Tickets for order 16204

Dear Miss Pesarra

The above order has been dispatched to the address below

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Gee, yesterday was the day of missed opportunities...

Kerstin bought two tickets to see Robbie Williams in Dresden on ebay.. You'll never guess how much she paid... 30 fricking Euros.. That's 15 Euros per ticket!!!!!

Aaaaaand, the lovely Angela thought she'd drive by the german team-hotel  ..  She is ALWAYS lucky.. She walks by a hotel and a celeb steps out *lol*

Check out METZELDER, LEHMANN and the FRINGS tattoo 


Tom and I went to see "American Dreamz" last night, of which I expected much more. Hugh Grant was hilariously annoying, Mandy Moore just annoying and well the rest was just.. meh...
I had such high hopes on this..
Ah well..
"The Lake House" awaits me in a few days.. They have chosen the perfect song for the trailer, if you ask me : "Somewhere only we know" just gives you the shivers in connection with Keanu's teary eyes..

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Now Rob is really doing a show with Take That????

I am 14 again!!!
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Ten words that start with...
This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

Pi gave me a T )

What makes my day better )
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saw RObbie Williams' new song "Radio" on MTV.. been a fan for 11 years ( whoa.. that is something)but can i just say that i dont like it??
there are songs you have to get used to .. but it just doens't get to me, you know.

another thing..
where are [ profile] littlepixii and [ profile] sistersluge???
miss you two a lot!!

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