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Jul. 9th, 2011 08:01 pm
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 One week ago we left Sanibel and flew back to Germany..
Since then so many things have happened.

One of my colleagues was transfered to the convention department, because our GM thinks we can do the workload as a threesome...
Only... we're not gonna a be a threesome come november.
My colleague Cathrine is pregnant, already in her 16th week. So, yeah.. Me and my boss alone? NOT GONNA HAPPEN.. How on earth should we manage that?
GM says he's gonna look for someone new, young and probably cheap ... We'll see.

Tom has his Green Card ... so the next step would be.. hmmmm.... should I be hoping for a ring? lol 
Again: we'll see.

Right now he's looking for jobs all over Germany, and also some parts of Europe. 
His master thesis is currently in the hands of his professor, so... yes, you've guessed it : WE'LL SEE
He's been offered a job at the Westin Grand where he's been doing his student.-job for the past year. The salary is okay for the time being, but it's definitely just until his "real job" choses him....

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The memorial service was touching. 
It really was.


I am not a religious person, but they really did a wonderful job, remembering the life of Tom's granddad!
We had a small lunch afterwards and then watched the football game in the Ruhr-stadium.
I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to just go out and watch the World Cup.. 
But it was fun and the whole family went, so.. yeah..

In the evening I met up with Eva and her lovely new boyfriend Robert. They've been together since February and as I hated her forner bf I knew he'd be good :)
But he's fantastic! The best that could've happened to my lovely Evi!

Today, we went to see my grandma in Herten. My parents are still on vacation in Italy,so she's very lonely... 

Then back to have lunch with Tom's family..We're gonna watch the England vs Paraguy match now and then it's already back to Berlin..I feel totally weird and out of place right now.. Too much stress and wierdness in the last days..
I need to calm down and relax a little...

Hope you're all doing fine!!

And now, let's sing the english anthem ;D
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Leaving for Bochum in a few hours..

Today is our 4th anniversary. I wish we'd be in the mood to celebrate!

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It's once again too obvious that the highest highs and the lowest lows are always connected or at least to close by..
After saying goodbye to [profile] the_flo and [profile] skylar_muc (which made me more sad than I expected.. )Tom called me to tell me that his grandfather's gonna die today. He had a heart operation last week and is now only kept alive by machines, which will be switched off at three today :(
He is already 92, but he always seemed more like 65 or something. I loved him dearly and he will be sadly missed!

Now, next to my sadness is the anger at my work people, whose first comment was, we still have to even out your "sick time" from last week. Meaning other people have to work for me again.
I just wanna smash their heads together..

I feel sick..
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Now that birthday-boy has left for school I am more than bored... 
I went on a trailer-spot hunt on LJ and on the apple site. There were times when I knew literally all trailers that were available and when they finally came to Germany I was already bored with them..

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have done another movie together "The lake house".. Can you tell I'm excited? I was bored with Keanu and he is the one actor I prefer dubbed into german cos I hate his voice...BUUUUUT, he has done some excellent movies ( not the matrix ones,...) and he and Sandra have that chemistry...
Anyways... "The lake house" seems to be a beautiful and sad and overall "nori-must-see" film.. Go watch the trailer 

I HATE HATE HATE HATE Nicolas Cage, I really do... But I think I am gonna try out "World Trade Center" .. seems like a hollywood tear-jerker.. sometimes you need just that.

Mr Cage still looks like an complete idiot... ahem.. 

One last thing, about the dying boy who wants to meet that one model in NYC seems kinda cute...

Also..I've been looking for the trailer of "Catch and release", which I saw back in February ( the trailer, not the movie )... The film got pushed back until 2007 ... It's about a woman ( Jennifer Garner ) losing her husband and her life after that.
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Sore throat is gone.. Now it's more of a common cold I'm dealing with. Much better with the running nose and all ..
I wanted to stay in bed all day after work but decided against it.
As a result I had a beautiful day with Tom, who picked me up from work.
We had a coconut chicken curry on our way home, then did my laundry and left again to see "FC Venus", which I loved. Christian Ulmen and Nora Tschirner = teh dreamcouple of comedy..

We visited the brand-new shiny trainstation afterwards and then decided skipping the bus and walking home instead..
Tom had his arm around me, I had my hand in the back of his jeans. It was a wonderful walk! Took a break at the Kulturfabrik Moabit and had wine and beer .. Wanted to play some pool but I was too tired and way yearning for my bed.

How is everyone..

Don't forget to congratulate [profile] blavandgirl today, as it's her 21st birthday today *evil grin*

also, thanks to [profile] your_villain for the news: Franz Ferdinand will be on TV TOTAL on Thursday. I considered travelling to Cologne for a second, but I, A) have work and B) It's Tom's birthday,..
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remember the times when my home-puter suddenly crashed while we were chatting???
not gonna happen anymore, cos my beloved boyfriend will give me A FUCKING BRILLIANT NEW COMPUTER for my birthday !!!
omg i cant believe it!
*loves on tom*

yeah ok.. his parents give like 50 € to help him, but the rest is his present.. meeep

*happy dancing day*
*snogs lovely bf*

EDIT.. and now i know why he has so much money, although is rarely working, only studying..
HE JUST WON 500 bucks on football ( or soccerrrrrr ) bets.. ( you know online lottery where you can bet on which team is winning.)
FUCK ME.. real madrid just lost to leverkusen and TOM WON 500 €..
here comes my new computer..
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had a nice day with tom and my dad. went on a bike-tour and did a lil bit of shopping. now they're both in the kitchen making dinner.. what a service, isnt it??
watched the first qaf dvd ..LOVE IT.. isnt Hal absolutley ADORABLE?? yesh, yesh!

changing into lateshift tomorrow.. wont be the same now that [livejournal.com profile] sistersluge is no longer at her desk.
but all you other wonderful people are still there, right? RIGHT?
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damn it.. i killed my last entry..
so again.
had a wonderful day with me dad! wandering around treptower park, having drinks at tomasa-bar and watching LOST while eating pasta at night.
he loved it he ABSOLULTEY loves it! hes always kinda critical with tv shows (loved friends and x-files, hated ER), but he was going on how good lost seems to him!! YESYESYES
*that MUST be a T-Rex!!!*
*whoa.. a polarbear*

couldnt sleep *again* really dont know why ( yeah well the tootheache returned..). got a bit better when dad picked up tom from the train station and he comforted me when the panic started. but that was past midnight and i had to get up at 5. GRREAT!

its still weird with tom, which is more weird cos it NEVER WAS! ( weird sentence )
well when there were odd moments between us we sorted them out instantly, but this time something kinda changed after the fight.
wish me luck for today.

i kinda figured that there are no rules in love. not a fucking thing thats normal in one relationship is certain to work for another.
theres NOTHING .
am i late figuring that? just random thoughts i had the last week watching people around me.
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tom took me out for dinner yesterday, celebrating that its nearly our holiday ..lol
nice.. i had my sunglasses on all the time ( it was outside ) so he couldnt see that i was watching the guy right behind him.. the guy couldnt see it, too, but i had the feeling he was watching me... whatever..
spend 1 1/2 hours on the phone to my old friend kat, who moved to wyoming 5 years ago... havent talked to her properly for years, just via email. so its been wonderful.. shes pregnant and the baby is due in november..awwwww she send me a scan and its gonna be a boy.. weeee

after that it was all cleaning the appartment and getting ready for the vacation which will officially start wednesday, august 11th at 3pm ( right after work )
YAYNESS for holidays
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couldnt sleep at all after jamie was on the phone.. my life has turned into some crazy mad world.
i still cant breathe ..
my own reality hit me, when tom asked me if i ever had the wish to have sex with him in the last days. I didnt lie )

well.. i hope i'll survive the next weeks without a heartattack. toms brother is coming tomorrow and i hope to get my mind on other things then.

*loves on jamie, laurie, pixii, anne, stace, nali, katie and all the other lovelies from the chat*


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