Jan. 7th, 2007 02:19 pm
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Did 601 of 24 already air in the US?! (I'm totally out of the loop with all those shows..)
Cos -squeee- I'm downloading it right now..

TOm and I are not sure if we wanna watch it all in one go. Not on one day, silly..but waiting from week to week might be annoying when it comes to that show..
We'll see.
We still have a few episodes of S5 to watch!

Yesterday evening was spend re-watching Grey's Anatomy Season 2 with Dana and Sandra. It is indeed my favourite show. There hasnt been one annoying or boring storyline!!
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Well FUCK..
I just read the worst possible spoiler for Season 5 of 24. And I thought it couldn't get any worse..I was reading recaps of the eps we saw last night and then I clicked a wrong link and there it was *cries*  5x13..

I was already spoilered for that one thing, but that other thing???

~Spoiler in the comments~
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Prison Break 2x4 )
24 Season 3 up until early early in the morning )
Tomorrow's my only day off this week and I have at least 2 appointments, so we'll see if we can continue with 24

Oh... and I also managed to watch 2 shows on my ipod yesterday in my late shift..

Lost 3x1 )
Grey's Anatomy 3x3 )

In other news: The DIVINE COMEDY tonight!!!
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I'm in love with Tony Almeida from CTU!!!!
He is so manly and strong and handsome and I just want him to save me.

Welcome to my world *lmao*

24 - marathon last night.. We're nearly through with Season 2 and have to wait for Trisha's boyfriend now, to bring Season 3 with him next week :)

My so-called sport addiction makes me proud.. Or not the addiction itself, but the fact that I'm losing weight and more importantly can see my body change..
*touches flattening tummy*
(30 mins cardio/30 mins weights and 14 km biking to work and back .. well 7 of those are still ahead of me tonight.. but, yeah..)
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24 is becoming unhealthily addictive *lol*

Tom and I are half way though season 2 and although season 1 was thrilling, this one's much more exciting.
And I heard the show's improving with every season???!

Since 2x1 I was wondering where I knew Bob Warner from. Finally checked imdb today.. LOL .. it's Jack's dad!!!
Also, Tony Almeida? Whoa.. he's my fav of Season 2!!!
I loved )

Apart from watching 3 eps last night, yesterday was spend with having dinner with Tom and Annika at "Il Casolare", our favourite Italian in the whole wide world..
But not without swimming 1 km before that!! The Pizza kinda was the reward *lol*

ETA: All you people.. Who is in for either the midnight premiere or the thursdays showing of the Nationalmannschafts-Docu??!
When we know more about when it's first shown for the public I wanna make a reservation, so that we can enjoy it all together!

ETA 2 : THE CROCODILE HUNTER IS DEAD.. Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest
I always knew he wouldn't die of a natural cause..


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