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I don't even watch PRISON BREAK anymore..

But THIS  is just FUCKED UP!!!!!

Seriously! Normally I'd be the happiest person alive, because, damn, they had CHEMISTRY!!!

FUCKED UP, you hear me??

April's Fools anyone??

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I've been on a Prison Break and Michael high for a few days now.
Might be because I've been watching the first season with Tom all week..

The second time is nearly as intense as the first one *lol*

And now?
2x16  )

Also? Michaels voice?? Let's me melt away..
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Now I know EXACTLY what you meant with your outburst,  [profile] lilalo 
I saw
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Prison Break 2x4 )
24 Season 3 up until early early in the morning )
Tomorrow's my only day off this week and I have at least 2 appointments, so we'll see if we can continue with 24

Oh... and I also managed to watch 2 shows on my ipod yesterday in my late shift..

Lost 3x1 )
Grey's Anatomy 3x3 )

In other news: The DIVINE COMEDY tonight!!!
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1. Hard Rock Cafe is sending me a complimentary card to make up for the dinner in Munich .. woohooo..

2. Prison Break Season 1 is still not my favourite show, but it grows on me. Wentworth Miller crying ?! *omigod*

3. Flist appreciation day number 3:
 [profile] evil_trisha, who is not evil after all ( but, shhh.. it's a secret). She didn't make the best first impression on me *scared*, but we clicked after a few words!! 
Thank you for all the talks and sit-ins in your appartment! I'll never forget the day you nearly confessed your undying love to me *lmao*
After all, Trisha made me blush big time, when she said I'd be her type if she were gay *loves*


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