Apr. 3rd, 2008 11:38 am
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Guess who's been nominated for "Employee of the Quarter"  and is taking part in a luncheon tomorrow...

*happy grin*
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... the sunny weather..

I could've said my new job,because whilst talking to Judith and [profile] the_flo  yesterday and realized that I'm not only okay with my new job and new empolyer.. I'm pretty happy with it.


I'm enjoying my weekend ( yay for "real" weekends ) with Tom.
We went shopping a little, sat in the sun sharing a pizza and now we're chilling on the couch.. I'm trying to catch up with all the shows :)

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Nori is back from her parents!
I had a wonderful week, met loads of wonderful people..
Actually had the time to make it to more than just a coffee with most of them.
Evi and I spend the whole wednesday together and it felt so great..
The baby is 31 mm :)

So, yeah. Tom and I are going out for dinner tonight. Then I'm gonna relax and sort out being back in Berlin.
And monday? WAAAAAAAAAh.. I'm scared, but also excited.
Flo said I'm gonna rock the house, so let's keep it like that!!

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and it suddenly hits me..

my colleagues gave me flowers and chocolate and a card..


it's been nearly 4 years..

tmi : i just went to the restroom and thought , wow, this may be the last time i'll ever use this restroom.. lmao 
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So.. in the end I don't get my vacation but a few days off instead.

So, I'll be working on the 24th and 25th ( 6am-2pm in case anyone wants to visit me, HA ).
I promised Tom I'd accompany him to the Christmas mass, so that and a cosy evening is the plan for sunday.

Then on the 25th we'll take a train to Bochum and my dad is gonna pick us up and we're gonna have dinner with my parents!

My next day at work is the 29th so we're gonna return to Berlin on the 28th..

Also on the 29th ? My last date with 

[profile] blavandgirl

*cries a little*
I still can't believe she's gonna be away for such a long time.

I don't even know if I'll still be living in Berlin, when she returns.. If she returns...

Anyway. After two days of work Tom and I will be leaving again.
This time for Prerow to see Tom's parents at their house at the Baltic sea. We're gonna celebrate New Year's on the beach.. The freezing beach *lol*
But thousand times better than loud, restless Berlin.

So, yeah.. That's my schedule for the rest of the year ...

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I cannot wait to get out of here tonight..
The guests get on my nerves, plus we have a group of some weird russian youngsters who constantly bother me with stupid things.
*le sigh*

I'm okay to be bothered by nice people *lol*. After all it's also my job to give them the info they need. I talked to this nice woman from Phoenix, Arizona, which made me think of [profile] mailea instantly..  She was cute and I loved how happy she was with me being nice to her. SHe said she just flew in from Rome and people treated her horribly there..

I'm having tuesday and wednesday off. But I'm without my car, which is le suck!!
It's at the garage again, but  they've said they're pretty positive they've found what's wrong now! FINA-fucking-LLY

In other news, I'm "late"... Just a few days and I've been cramping for 2 days now, but I wanna get over with it for this month and not have to deal with it while enjoying the Robbie concert on thursday.

Some of you guys linked me to a good programm to get clips off of youtube.com a while ago..... clips come out as .flv files though and I don't know how to convert/use them.. any idea?
I neeeeeed THIS clip of the Nationalmannschaft, it's the Strenesse-photoshoot behind the scenes clip..

I still have "problems" to grasp the thought of maybe being a bridesmaid and a god-mother next year!
I know that nothings planned out yet, but I'd be pretty miserable if Eva and Robert  chose someone else for both "jobs" *lol*
Oh, the happiness..

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More things I love about the World Cup and my hotel..

Cute Israelian guy flirting.. He totally was.. but in a nice, low key, smiling at me-way.. 
And I'm finally able to cope *lmao*

AND these 4 gorgeous portugese guys, who couldn't stop smiling.
They were the last ones to check out today, so I could take my time and talk to them while they waited for their taxi.
I remembered how I love to speak Portugese.. I was fluent back when I was with Alcides ( whom I wrote a letter today, btw..) and now I'm too scared to say more than "Obrigada" or "Meu ex-namorado e brasileiro" :)

There are moments where I wouldn't give my job for anything in the world.

Please, do remind me of this entry when I'm all angry about my job in the future :D
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I'm not a huge football fan in general. 
I don't watch Bundesliga and I don't have a favourite german team.
And though I LOVE Manchester United and am proud to say that I did even before the Beckham Mania started, I still think football can be totally boring..
But there is hotness and angst and yes, I am as shallow as to say  "Geee, Metzelder/Christiano Ronaldo/Lehmann/XXY is hot"

As much as I feared the football fans and the general tourists adding up to a horrific summer in Berlin I am as surprised as most people I know.. It's all good *nods*
I don't go to the Fan-Festival cos I can't stand the masses.. But to watch it from afar and to see my city on TV makes me happy.

All the guests that I've worked for in my hotel were gushing about how wonderful they were treated all over Germany.. And gee, that makes me proud.
Whoa, I've never been that way.. This is new to me *lol*

Another new thing is the "supporting my home team" thing. *lmao*
I always had the england love..And I still want them to win reach the finale.. (although they played like bored mofos ) ..
but somehow the German-frenzy got me.. As I said, enthusiasm and all..
You won't see me with a flag/shirt or anything, but the atmosphere in my country is fantastic!!!

PeeEss.. awww, Ronaldo cried because he was injured?? *pets him*

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I just had the first hot Aussie take his shirt off right in front of my desk in the lobby..

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This is actually the second day in a row where I work my ass of on a late shift!!!
Can you believe it? So many reservations, phonecalls and invoices *shakes head*
But somehow I kinda like it..
The not having to kill time-factor :)

And I still had a few minutes *cough* to watch "The gift".. My fav Joan of Arcadia episode so far. One more and I am done with season 1. *loves*
Adam and Joan Jane are pure, sensational, skin-crawling, emotional love together!!!

Season 2 never aired in Germany, so I'm excited that I grabbed it on ebay :D

Just one more day and I'm having two days off.. And a mission on thursday..*winks at [livejournal.com profile] blavandgirl * you know I need you on this!
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Because of THIS I slept probably two seconds last night.
I am soooo nervous.
I have the sacred mobile number and I ought to call in an hour or so...
My ex-boss is a really nice person, but also a tough businessman, so I'm scared.

Which I normally wouldnt need to be. I am in an ok working position, so it is not that I would die without that job. But, oh my.. I am so nervous...

I need to clothes and a new haircut *runs in circles*

My god, everything would change if I would get into reservations.
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Made myself a yummy lunch/dinner for work.
I marinated chicken breast pieces in coconut milk mixed with curry powder.
Then roasted it and put it in my salad. With some olives and feta cheese and my famous honey-mustard dressing..
YAY for healthy food..

I made three attempts to sneak into Subway to buy some cookies, but I remembered the pineapple pieces I also brought with me.

Also squee-worthy? Having a day off tomorrow.
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Am at work. With a trainee!! :/
There is not a thing to do and she is just standing in my way of surfing the internet *lol*
Managed to sneak into the back office to watch
Lost 2X18 ) though..
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the police just showed up, bringing in a drunken guy, who's staying at our hotel and who apparently crashed a shop window.
And now the police-officer lost his passport!! *lmao*
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So the South African guy came back..
Again, asking all sorts of questions, telling me that I look ( and I quote )"Stunning and beautiful.." and in the end asking for my telephone number.
FOrtunatley he understood, that I wouldn't but insisted on inviting me to South Africa.
His friend made him "leave me alone"..
Thank you
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Just arrived for my last day of work before la vacation ...
Suitcase and bags are packed.. The taxidriver would have taken it all with him, this morning.
I accidentially booked the cab for today *argh*

So typical..

Tom's dad called half an hour ago, telling us to pack some warm stuff, as it's quite "cold" in Fort Myers at the moment. I checked the online weather thing and it says 15 ° Celsius on Sunday.
Brokeback Mountain is waiting for me sooner then I thought, with that weather *lol*

I soooo can't wait to finally see the sea again, walk through the sand barefoot and just breath it all in..

ETA Holyfuckingshitsonofabitch.. I knew he would come, I knew it.. Ewan is coming to Berlin for the Berlin Film Festival..That has to happen when I'm gone, of course..
Am so happy for [livejournal.com profile] evil_trisha and [livejournal.com profile] cassiopaya81, as they have tickets for the premiere and the party!!
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the early shifts are sooooo exhausting..

i went swimming after work yesterday (gotta do a little sports..) and after that sat on the couch until 9pm, then went to bed.. unbelivable.
and still 3 days of working to go.
on friday i'll leave for herten for a 1 1/2 weeks. hopefully i can use the internet at toms parents' house *keeps fingers crossed*

i emailed the invitations to my birthday this weekend, but so far i only got 3 responses ( positiv.. yay)..
i wish a few more people could come, but like you, my dear flist-people most people are living far away.
so far there will be around 15-20 people coming.. yay for the pressies..hehe.

looks like the insurance of the dumbass who drove into my car is gonna cover...they gonna send someone to look at the car on wednesday. i hate that i have so much on my mind.. i wish i could put those things away.
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its [livejournal.com profile] fansite4dom celebtration day, i guess!

i have my own email address ending with @dommonaghan.com..
BRILLIANT:... i love it.

what a wonderful day.. i keep forgetting that we had an awful meeting at work yesterday, so thats good isnt it?!
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*sigh* back at work.

had two days off. weather was brilliant, so i was rarely online.

oh my fucking god, how much i missed stardom, the board and the chat.
how will i survive a camping trip to france..
BTW anyone want a nice holiday postcard?? feel free to send me your address :)
ok,.. so how survive?? hoping on some nice trips to various cities, some good books, fun in the water and fun with tom?! hope that works out. still .. i feel like i'll miss out on something, when Im not online.
will look for the nearest internet café asap.. but where when theres just fecking nature?!

anyways, so its really hot outside, but still we decided to rent a truck to get our basement free of all that old stuff lying around ( our old bed, that broke while we were in it, funnily enough.. the old vacuum cleaner and such).. nice..we had to take towels for the seats otherwise they'd burned us alive.
wasnt fun i tell ya.
but .. hey i gotta new desk at Ikea..and we jumped into the wannsee after all that frenzy. it was so much fun, the beach was full, as the school-holidays are still on this week, but after carrying all that stuff and sweating like hell, it was so gooooood.
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"you're by far the nicest person in this hotel"
woooooooooot..thats what this nice old woman said to me, after taking my picture.
so what i needed right now..

"im gonna send you the picture, if you want to"
yes please

i can go to bed happy tonight, cos im so nice

please.. ignore me



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