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..I've put myself on an inofficial diet.Can't stand the way I am right now.
Inofficial because:
a) I don't do diets, they're unhealthy and they never work
b) I am a failure without any discipline

Writing it down here makes it more official, cos you can all beat me up if I make an entry like "OMG we just had this HUGE dinner.."

Anyways, I just plan on cutting out on sweets and the really really bad stuff. Eating more salad and fruit ( which I already did the last days, and it was great!).
Drinking more WATER!!(It really helps!) and trying to go to the gymn ( yeah right..)
Man, this will be hard!

I haven't been on any scale for years, so I'm not starting now, which means I cannot tell you if I'm succesful in that way. I can only tell you if my old trousers fit again.
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hi... im back.. sort of..
cancelled the rest of the vacation, bc im sick ( and tired of fucking camping). i cant stop puking and my fever is still a little high. wonderful end for a fucking shitty vacation. full report, when i have normal pc access. as for now, i had to search hours in my shitty small hometown for an internet cafe that doesnt exist.with interruptions searching a toilet( blreugh). am at a friends house now.. to see whats been going on.
still missing you all and cant wait to get back to hours of chatting.

great.. premiere picked up lost.. eh??? cant get fucking expensive premiere.. but i wont watch the messed up german voices anyway..

my queer as folk dvds arrived but still are lying at some toll-offices.. wonderful

am staying at my parents for another week ( no pc there .. booohoooo ), not talking to tom anymore. greatness isnt it?
and most of my friends are still away on holiday.
can please someone come and save me?
*snogs to everyone who feels the need to be snogged by me* (eh?)
*hugs flist*
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it climaxed of course. cannot take it. and neither can tom, i know. and i told him. i know my mum can, cos she did it all the time. but i cannot ask this of him.
and still he tries and still he cannot understand. underastimates.
we went for a walk, i cried, broke down, cried for an hour.
he asked what i'd do if i could just do what i want,.. i said "i'd go home" he said that he knew.
dont wanna hurt him, but he cant take it.
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thanks to [ profile] sacreddesire, the lovely laurie i had a very very nice morning..
full 4 minutes dom interview on stardom :)

my mouth doesnt hurt anymore , thank god.. but i still have problems to eat, bc im afraid some food will be stuck in the hole.

football was alright yesterday, portugal won which is nice but unexpected... so i lost one more bet.. DAMN IT

looks like terra and sieben are not gonna come to berlin next week *sad*
so its only angela, eljana and daphna then? we'll see.

today we're gonna see shrek 2 with christopher.. it will be in the same cinema where rotk had his european premiere, so i love the though of being in the same cinema dom, billy and all the other were last year.. it still gives me the shivers thinking of that day in december..
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went to bed after 2 this morning, because the chat was funny.. the girl, wo said she was mirandas cousine returned an it was just hilarious.. we were all onto her but she didnt stop. she even said she was going skydiving which made jamie furious bc she knows all about it..
had some really nice talking with jamie bout the therapy and all. feel understood.

we also talked about how dom would be like ┬┤as a dad... see this then: )

well today was time for the second wisdom tooth to be taken out.. ouch.. it worked all out though and it only started to hurt after i woke up againat 2..dont wanna do that again.

on the chat again.. "we love monaboyd, slash and hate work"

going to wills to watch euro 2004 netherlands:portugal


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