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i wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with you [ profile] sistersluge!!!

so happy that eevrything is sorted out!

so yes.. jamies coming to berlin at the end of october . shes arrving on thursay (thank god shes flying to tegel airport as that one's only a fes mins away) and we'll be on our way to bonn the next morning.
i checked trains and flights already. and after we cme back from bonn we still have the whole monday show you around berlin!! this is gonna be FUCKING AWESOME!!!

the whole month is gonna be great..
1st theres my birthday on the 3rd (mark it on your calenders LOL)

2nd European Bourne Supremacy Premiere on the 14th ( if everthing works out I'll be walking the red carpet.. yayness)

3rd MAROON 5 on the 21st

and then

Jamie, Billy and I at Ringcon ( oh yes.. Craig Parker, John Noble, John Howe and 2000 others will be there too.. haha)

next year its your turn [ profile] magikalcrab or anyone else who wants to come over.. i have plentý of space :)
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had a nice day with tom and my dad. went on a bike-tour and did a lil bit of shopping. now they're both in the kitchen making dinner.. what a service, isnt it??
watched the first qaf dvd ..LOVE IT.. isnt Hal absolutley ADORABLE?? yesh, yesh!

changing into lateshift tomorrow.. wont be the same now that [ profile] sistersluge is no longer at her desk.
but all you other wonderful people are still there, right? RIGHT?
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i am so gonna die

[ profile] sistersluge and i are going to see billy in october... i cant believe it..
i just bought our ringcon tickets on ebay.. front row.. number 127 and 128 in line for autographs..

i am totally freaking out. sitting behind my desk at work.. no guests here *sigh*

am gonna meet jamie..

whoa.. too much *faints*
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using my mothers friend to get online again *sigh*
I'll be home tuesday night. working on wednesday. so much to catch up on ..

still no Ringcon-ticket-news (jamie.. i cant stand this waiting thing).

BUT...butbutbutbut.. Simi met Billy again. I cant fucking believe it.
she meets him in berlin, then elijah on tower bridge in london, and now BILLEH again. she went to his premiere at the edinburgh film festival and said it was totally great, cos there were no screaming fangirls.. o.O

Titel oder Beschreibung

still cant believe it.. speechless.

ok then.. im off to the cinema with eva.. will miss her soo much when i return to berlin :(
but i cant wait to talk to you all again *loves*
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being nice and polite got me another few internet minutes,... yay me!!

so..i am all excited. i taked to jamie today ( was so great to hear you again, love), cos there was something "verreh verreh important" she had to talk to me about.
turns out being in the middle of nowhere made me miss the big news of billy coming to ringcon..
wow.. guess whos going???
JAMIE AND NORA.. cant believe it..
and there are good tickets available on ebay right now.. dont know about the final price though. how much should i spend, you guys?

you got me so excited, jamie.. i was running around like mad.. at 7 my mum told me to sit down and count to 100, haha.

went to see king arthur today.. familar faces.. gotta find out who that lancelot actor is.. rawr.
clive owen is BOOOOOORING though.
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im in a picspam mood today.. did two at stardom already

what else?? ( guh.. tis all boring )
already did hundreds of reseravtions cos my nice lovely collegue left them for me..thanks.
said goodbye to laurie, whos leaving for maine today *sobs*
and finally talked to jamie again... love you loads, liebling. was wonderful talking to you again..

TEH HUG talk )
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just talked to jamie [ profile] sistersluge on her way home from LA!
so lovely.
did she squueee more about the sweet evangeline lilly than about dom ?? naaah..
but her recognizing jamie from the last show and being soooo sweet is really special! i really liked her character kate from the first moment
Titel oder Beschreibung

and dom all sweaty???? can i have a hug, too??
and besides all that, it was the WWS show.. i love the cd

anne.. so, Im your long lost friend...*loves*
still totally in love with colorblind..
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i talked to jamie.
on the phone :)
i just took all my courage and called her at work.
i didnt know what to say, so i asked "do you know who it is"
"im chatting with you right now"
she said she knew by then..
it was really lovely and we both kept giggling and laughing.

so thta was so much fun.. todayn toms not in a talking mood.
im going to the gym now, he just left and said " i'll be gone for an hour"
ok great :(
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work still sucked, but i chatted all through it with laurie, stacey, anne, jamie and even bobbi came in.
still i feel all blurry and totally sucked out.
coming home i kinda hoped for jamies post to be there.. but within a few days.. no way.
but oh my fucking good, there was one item laying on my bed... and it says sender:JAMIE
i jumped around trying to get into the chat again.
tom said: "can you please try and be this happy all day?"
then the dvd didnt work in the living room and not in toms pc...
relieve,,.. works in my dvd player *sigh*

went to the cinema, to see this drew barrymore/ben stiller movie .. cant remember the name. was shit anyway.. they both wasted their talent on that on .. bah
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i've been chatting with all the girls again..
yesterday was so much fun ,bc we scared a newbie with our slashy talk.. and we did it on purpose... sorry...
that didnt work today though.. that other girl was lying like shit, telling she's miranda ottos cousine and going to nz with her and dom.. yeah right..
and she was like " we dont tolerate gays" and so on.. waaaah

well just a few minutes ago i ended my private chat with jamie, bc she had to go for her lunchbreak..
it was really weird bc we talked about my therapy and her depression and it was like i finally had someone who coudl REALLY understand whats going on inside of me.. i know tom and mum do their best to help me .. but in the end they dont knwo how i feel inside and tom sometimes underestimates my weakness..
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finally got off my arse and went to the gym today... felt so good afterwards. should do more often..

have been chatting with the wonderful laurie ( who wont tell me her real name) and jamie for the last days.. jamie is really coming to visit me when she is in london..cant wait to meet her



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