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i wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with you [ profile] sistersluge!!!

so happy that eevrything is sorted out!

so yes.. jamies coming to berlin at the end of october . shes arrving on thursay (thank god shes flying to tegel airport as that one's only a fes mins away) and we'll be on our way to bonn the next morning.
i checked trains and flights already. and after we cme back from bonn we still have the whole monday show you around berlin!! this is gonna be FUCKING AWESOME!!!

the whole month is gonna be great..
1st theres my birthday on the 3rd (mark it on your calenders LOL)

2nd European Bourne Supremacy Premiere on the 14th ( if everthing works out I'll be walking the red carpet.. yayness)

3rd MAROON 5 on the 21st

and then

Jamie, Billy and I at Ringcon ( oh yes.. Craig Parker, John Noble, John Howe and 2000 others will be there too.. haha)

next year its your turn [ profile] magikalcrab or anyone else who wants to come over.. i have plentý of space :)
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ok.. ringcon..
there's been way too much discussions about them charging us for billys autograph.
it has been mentioned that you dont need to pay the full price if you bring your own pic for him to sign.

i dont want just a cute little photo.. i'd like to have a large one developed.

SPAM ME WITH SEXY (or funny or beautiful ) high-res Billy pics to use or that?!

i know that some of you *wink* have some verreh verreh good ones-- and dont think im too lazy to look myself.. I AM LOOKING... but i wanna have some to choose from.

thanks a lot.. *loves flist*

EDIT: already looking through BBB..
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i dont have much to say the last days..

am relieved after hearing that the girl is ok! thanks bobbi you're amazing.

work sucks.

deagol is coming to ringcon.

tis all
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i am so gonna die

[ profile] sistersluge and i are going to see billy in october... i cant believe it..
i just bought our ringcon tickets on ebay.. front row.. number 127 and 128 in line for autographs..

i am totally freaking out. sitting behind my desk at work.. no guests here *sigh*

am gonna meet jamie..

whoa.. too much *faints*
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being nice and polite got me another few internet minutes,... yay me!!

so..i am all excited. i taked to jamie today ( was so great to hear you again, love), cos there was something "verreh verreh important" she had to talk to me about.
turns out being in the middle of nowhere made me miss the big news of billy coming to ringcon..
wow.. guess whos going???
JAMIE AND NORA.. cant believe it..
and there are good tickets available on ebay right now.. dont know about the final price though. how much should i spend, you guys?

you got me so excited, jamie.. i was running around like mad.. at 7 my mum told me to sit down and count to 100, haha.

went to see king arthur today.. familar faces.. gotta find out who that lancelot actor is.. rawr.
clive owen is BOOOOOORING though.
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just came back from the day with angela, daphi, franzi and elli.. turned out to be fantastic.
daphi is soo funny and wonderful. hope to see her again sometime..
he had so much fun.

AND the girl with the ringcon ticket mailed back!
its ticket 394, so will be sitting near the stage..hoepfully
its better then angelas ticket, which is around 1000!!

craig parker, mark ferguson and john noble are definitely coming and the talks with billys manager are looking good...

as for dom i dont think that he'll be able.. but you can always hope right ..


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