Aug. 2nd, 2006 08:39 pm
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I have two people on my flist that would be PERFECT for each other..
If I were a writer my mind would already be writing the perfect slash!!

I have been reading some old entries and I was OMGWTF.. so PERFECT!! 
Nearly the same age, same attitude, über-intelligent and , yes you've guessed it they're both gorgeous *lol*

*slashes them liek whoa*

/random observation
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So.. the hairdresser appointment went well. I love my new hairdo incl new shiny ( oh everything's so shiny these days..) highlights.

The only bad thing, as I sat in that chair, was that I only had one contact lense in my eyes ..
Oh noes, the other one fell out, as I rubbed my eye in the car right after I left the optiometrist.
*shakes head*
What an itchy feeling. I don't know if I can cope with that. I know it's supposed to go away after you get used to it. But still.

So, yeah, only one contact lense because I couldnt take the other one out on my own..argh.. that feeling of touching your eye. Not for me, I tell you..
But I want days without my glasses. Sometimes when I put on a little bit of make up and eye-shadow and such and I'm really satisfied with the outcome I'm always sad to put on the glasses, cos they kinda ruin the whole thing..

Ah well. We're gonna try out other ones tomorrow.

OMG, look what the beautiful [ profile] _jamjar wrote for me.
Monaboyd+Josh, Jorge G, 134 words, Moment of Clarity )
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omg.. i found a slash discussion on my german lotr board..
cant believe my eyes. pretty intellectual people talking crap..
for anyone speaking german:slash discussion

edit.. some of them :)
i read a bit more and some people are pretty cool about it... but others .. tsk tsk

and another ENGLISH Link..:who writes slash and why
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just beta-ed my first fic.. lovely job. feel so special.
thanks [ profile] pokeh for choosing me.. or did i beg you ? haha dont know.
but anyways, its not posted yet, but it will be on stardom or monaboyd and her journal, so check her out.
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i am reading AT YOUR MOST BEAUTIFUL by the lovely
[ profile] semaphore27 right now..
how can anybody write in such a special beautiful way? its like a movie inside my head.. i feel so close to all characters and its seems like all this has happened like she says.. the lotr filming and all
make a book sema.. its gonna be a bestseller!

if you havent read anything by sema.. go, or I'll kick your ass

still on a bliss bc of the rotk junket dombilleh clip!
have you ever seen such a wonderful interview?

Titel oder Beschreibung
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watching "wetten daß" with tom.. boring
trying to burn lost.. doesnt work
slept for an hour after work... bad cos i cant sleep now
not in the mood for sex with tom... why not?
man, what is up with me

i need a holiday.. and its still more than a month til france.

reading "FOUND" chapter 22 is on tonight.. yay..
not as sad as the other chapters, but sooo good.
billy asks doms dad for permission to marry dom-. aaaaw..
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i've been chatting with all the girls again..
yesterday was so much fun ,bc we scared a newbie with our slashy talk.. and we did it on purpose... sorry...
that didnt work today though.. that other girl was lying like shit, telling she's miranda ottos cousine and going to nz with her and dom.. yeah right..
and she was like " we dont tolerate gays" and so on.. waaaah

well just a few minutes ago i ended my private chat with jamie, bc she had to go for her lunchbreak..
it was really weird bc we talked about my therapy and her depression and it was like i finally had someone who coudl REALLY understand whats going on inside of me.. i know tom and mum do their best to help me .. but in the end they dont knwo how i feel inside and tom sometimes underestimates my weakness..
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another link to a site that should be visited every day .. LOL

went to do some nordic walking today.. good girl ..
at work again.. bored..
reading slash..

dom will prolly be in edinburgh in augusz, cos the purifierts will premiere there... am in france then,,*cries*

a little dom to look at while being sad...


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