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Caught up with Veronica Mars and I'm still having problems getting into this season ... 
3x07 )
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[personal profile] sideshowkat was the first I saw on my flist, bringing the happy news, OMG ...

Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill, Supernatural and Girlfriends will join the new CW network replacing UPN and WB this fall, but Reba and Everwood are gone. Top-rated 7th Heaven has been revived for an 11th season, despite last week's "series finale"

I truly thought the end of OTH had come...
( as did many people for 7th Heaven *lol*.. what kinda show is that, doing a series finale and then just doing another season ... the fans must've had a pleasant surprise..)

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What has that show done to me?!
Sitting here in my room, … mind is wandering of every other second. Cannot force myself to get up..

Veronica Mars finale, My god ) 
My god, Cassidy… I wanted him to be all sweet and hurt about the whole thing.. Wouldn’t it have been great if Mac could’ve comforted him?!
But WOW, it got even better, in my opinion. Kyle Gallner is an awesome actor. Cassidy was all crazy and mad and sexy that way …
Sadly I was spoiled, though I hope until the last second that he wouldn’t kill himself ..
It was sad and weird to see Mac sitting in the hotel room crying, thinking Veronica hugs her “only” because Cassidy just left her there without her clothes..

I loved the finale.. Of course I knew Keith wasn’t dead, but seeing Logan and Veronica bonding and holding each other was incredible. Veronica was crushed.. and Emo!Logan gets me all the time!

There was one thing someone pointed out in the comm.. Did you feel you missed out on a better Veronica/Logan reunion?
When he pics her up for the airport it already seems so normal.. the way they behave together.
I would’ve loved to see more than that..
Though all the other scenes between them made up for it..
I was squeeing when it was clear that Veronica sent the message to Logan, that she needed help!!

And WOW, Duncan having Aaron shot .. Finally I don’t have to see that dumbasses face again!

Also, “poor” Weevil.. and “poor” Wallace. I never liked Jackie, and although I felt sorry for her for a wee second I hope Wallace finds someone better for him!

I wouldn't have guessed,that I'd miss the show already ..
Now, come one Lost, show me what you've got! I know you have it in ye...

ETA for a wonderful picspam over at [personal profile] sideshowkat s LJ
to busy for your perfect linkage--
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Fuck me, I couldn't resist clicking on a VM finale spoiler..
I know I know.. This time it's my fault ...
But if this is true??!! I hope it is just a rumour, because..OMG THAT CANNOT BE HAPPENING!

eta: there seems to be no real source.. so I'm hoping it's all just not true..

trust me, you don't wanna click---
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Had breakfast with [ profile] tuvali and Paul today at Kaiserstein. Didnt have the usual French Toast today, but pancakes.. hmmmm...

Tom and I finished season 1 of Veronica Mars last night after I came back from work and collapsed on the couch.
He made me dl the first episode of season 2 first thing in the morning today :D

[ profile] shivaluna glad you liked the present. I'm gonna congratulate you in person soon!!

*re-reads update*
Now isnt that a boring life??
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Veronica Mars 2x21 )
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The therapy guy is a definite "no-no".
In the "How on earth could ever believe to find him attractive"-way...
*embarrassed looks*

Ahem, yes..

VM with Tom )

We had dinner at Krischan and Björn's place yesterday. Although Krischan told me they had split up a while ago they still acted like a couple.. an old married one to be specific. So I have to find out what that is all about *spies*
Dinner was fantastic.. And they had strawberries covered in white chocolate...OMG!!!

EDIT: EEEEEEEE; OMGZ.. they're early.. I just checked in [ profile] tuvali and Paul (!).. Squeee.. They just went to their room, but she looks adorable from what I've seen ..
And I have to say, I love uncomplicated people! There was no question whatsoever that we'd hug..
I know there will be one or two awkward moments, cos we both know so much about each other.. But I'm used to meeting internet people by now *lol*
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Jesus, why did I wait so long? Awesomest show ever!!
I finally got around to watch Veronica Mars 2x20 )

Seriously.. everyone who is not watching Veronica Mars should.. uhm.. be locked up with evil!Sayid!!! or Henry Gale.
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See you all on wednesday.. I'm gonna be at my parents house and visiting some friends!

Tom is hooked btw, Veronica Mars-athon shall continue right after this *lol*

Oh, and [ profile] pillboxhat is an awesome person!!
We had a wonderful time and she even gave me a copy of that backpacker magazine featured on [ profile] dom_dedicated!

Have a wonderful time, Jess!!
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Wow, Wednesday is one entertaining day the US..
So for me Thursday or like this time Friday was all about the shows.

Watched LOST with [ profile] evil_trisha and after she left I watched One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars *phew*

Oh, John )

Oh, Logan )

some screencaps from THAT scene )

Oh, Lucas )
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[ profile] nairie, [ profile] evil_trisha, [ profile] wide_ocean, [ profile] shivaluna, [ profile] kaworu

You're doing LOST tonight aren't you??!!
I'll be coming to DanaTrishahausen shortly after ten ( if that's okay with you girls..).
Don't.. I repeat.. Don't wait for me with the episode.

I'm gonna watch that and VM on the plane :D

See you tonight..


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