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2007-01-26 12:10 pm
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There are pics of Dom playing football with Evi HERE..
And he's wearing a Germany jersey!!!


yeah, things like that make me happy *lol*
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2006-08-04 06:14 pm
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Thanks to [profile] theshapeshifter for the heads up...

It looks like Evi is saying "Look, that's you without that stupid jacket on"

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2006-08-01 04:33 pm
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Kim, Katie, Kim and Cy left today.
Although it was a little stressful from time to time, having so many people in your appartment, I was sad when they left.
They took Tom to Potsdam, where he showed them around.
Next stop is Leipzig and then Munich tomorrow.. Not Tom though, he's home again *lol*

As I closed the door behind them I was not only sad to see them go, but also already missed talking english.
I cannot believe how much more fun it is in english. *lol*

Plans for this week?
Just work tomorrow, a day off on thursday , which will be spend with getting a manicure, a massage and a date with [profile] blavandgirl
Then a late shift on friday and an early one on saturday..
Saturday afternoon I finally have an appoinment at the hairdressers and then we'll hopefully meet [profile] evil_trisha and her boyfriend for POTC..
Saturday right after work I'll take the plane to see my parents!!
And then on Wednesday on to Munich to see [profile] skylar_muc and [profile] the_flo
I can't wait!!

PeeEss: [personal profile] dryope has new Dom ( and Evi) pics.. Apparently they're in London at the moment !
Anyone?[personal profile] snellios ?

Evi truly hates the paparazzi. No wonder they're not talking about their relationship
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2006-07-29 04:03 pm
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[profile] salwood posted new monalilly pics ... (august 1st Hello-magazine)
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2006-06-01 03:57 pm
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Now that birthday-boy has left for school I am more than bored... 
I went on a trailer-spot hunt on LJ and on the apple site. There were times when I knew literally all trailers that were available and when they finally came to Germany I was already bored with them..

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have done another movie together "The lake house".. Can you tell I'm excited? I was bored with Keanu and he is the one actor I prefer dubbed into german cos I hate his voice...BUUUUUT, he has done some excellent movies ( not the matrix ones,...) and he and Sandra have that chemistry...
Anyways... "The lake house" seems to be a beautiful and sad and overall "nori-must-see" film.. Go watch the trailer 

I HATE HATE HATE HATE Nicolas Cage, I really do... But I think I am gonna try out "World Trade Center" .. seems like a hollywood tear-jerker.. sometimes you need just that.

Mr Cage still looks like an complete idiot... ahem.. 

One last thing, about the dying boy who wants to meet that one model in NYC seems kinda cute...

Also..I've been looking for the trailer of "Catch and release", which I saw back in February ( the trailer, not the movie )... The film got pushed back until 2007 ... It's about a woman ( Jennifer Garner ) losing her husband and her life after that.
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2005-07-03 09:20 am
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2004-09-13 02:54 pm
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jeeeesus.. i cannot describe my feeling when seeing this pic.. just makes me totally giddy and happy

in other news.. there are no news. just the daily routine. getting up,working around the appartment, going to work, coming back, drinking a glass of wine and watching Queer as folk...

Titel oder Beschreibung

theres more of them on StarDom
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2004-07-14 12:09 am
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just talked to jamie [ profile] sistersluge on her way home from LA!
so lovely.
did she squueee more about the sweet evangeline lilly than about dom ?? naaah..
but her recognizing jamie from the last show and being soooo sweet is really special! i really liked her character kate from the first moment
Titel oder Beschreibung

and dom all sweaty???? can i have a hug, too??
and besides all that, it was the WWS show.. i love the cd

anne.. so, Im your long lost friend...*loves*
still totally in love with colorblind..