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What can I say?
Never in my life have I seen a person with more presence on stage than Jared Leto.
I always liked 30 Seconds to Mars' music.. But seeing them live?? Really makes you love them!!
Seriously. Jared Leto MAKES YOU love his music!!

Before we got into the venue we waited with Eva Padberg next to the gate. I instantly recognized her.. [ profile] galeena had to check twice :)
We finally knew it was her, when she went through the gate onto the parking lot, where she was introduced to Jared and Tomo o.O
( She looked like hell btw. Ugly clothes and greasy hair.. )

We waited outside of the venue afterwards, but were informed that Jared was already @ White Trash, a club/restaurant I had shown Dine on Saturday..

I wish I could've gone to Hamburg with [ profile] galeena and [ profile] cellardoor081 today.. Already addicted??!

No pics from the show.. I only took some videos.
Here's just us )

I miss Dine already. She's a really special person to me, by now.
I felt save with her.. All the time.

There's been a change of plans for the next weekend, as Caroline won't be able to come with me to Herten.
So.. there's a good chance that I'm gonna be with Dine again, already, next Saturday *hopes*

Thank you

Oct. 7th, 2007 10:05 pm
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It's been a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

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i think he was the ONLY one I really wanted to meet last summer!!

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3 Clips and a few pics from last nights concert..

I finally bought my ticket to see him again on november 23rd . how could I resist for 14,50?! *lol*

As ny camera turns into crap as soon as the music gets loud and/or a bass starts to play I didnt record anything of the concert..
So it's just these clips, uploaded onto sendspace 

Intro to Gnarls Barkley's Crazy (17 MB)

Q&A with Alan Bangs ( the guy with the hilarious hair), in which he talks about singing scottish, soul music and playing with Ben E.King (57 MB

Q&A Part 2 

Part 3 will be uploaded tomorrow ( I'm at work and the clip is on my home computer..)
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Thanks to [profile] theshapeshifter for the heads up...

It looks like Evi is saying "Look, that's you without that stupid jacket on"

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[profile] salwood posted new monalilly pics ... (august 1st Hello-magazine)
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i know the whole lance armstrong, matthew mcconaughey and jake gyllenhall yadda-yadda-yadda..

but could somebody please explain this to me???

shit, okay.. i got it.. photoshop skills, eh??

still looks hilarious
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I'll definitely remember the happy faces..

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Gee, yesterday was the day of missed opportunities...

Kerstin bought two tickets to see Robbie Williams in Dresden on ebay.. You'll never guess how much she paid... 30 fricking Euros.. That's 15 Euros per ticket!!!!!

Aaaaaand, the lovely Angela thought she'd drive by the german team-hotel  ..  She is ALWAYS lucky.. She walks by a hotel and a celeb steps out *lol*

Check out METZELDER, LEHMANN and the FRINGS tattoo 


Tom and I went to see "American Dreamz" last night, of which I expected much more. Hugh Grant was hilariously annoying, Mandy Moore just annoying and well the rest was just.. meh...
I had such high hopes on this..
Ah well..
"The Lake House" awaits me in a few days.. They have chosen the perfect song for the trailer, if you ask me : "Somewhere only we know" just gives you the shivers in connection with Keanu's teary eyes..

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Been surfing around the net a little bit to get a little distraction..

While I hated the whole Brangelina buzz, I adore the pictures that were made for charity..


More adorable baby pictures from the Stefani/Rossdale household! YAY for traditional names..


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[ profile] blue_hobbit has not been kidnapped or anything *lol*
Picture evidence of her being in Berlin, chatting me up, can be found behind this cut )

both pics by [ profile] tinaskywalker
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Christoph's building and his appartment

view from the living room and the kitchen

view through the balcony and Chris' car

In the afternoon the sun came out and gave our first trip to the pool this wonderful light.The water was still a little cold though ;)
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We had a fabulous day in Tampa.
We met Kim for breakfast at Perkins went to Busch Gardens afterwards..

Just 2 pics )

Am now off to eat that HUGE Domino Pizza we ordered ..
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I just had the most wonderful moment with my best friend Eva.. That totally made my day!
"Die Goldene Kamera" (german award show, somehow important from what i know..) had just started and the second award went to one of my fav singers "Xavier Naidoo"..
I share the love for him, his music and his concert with Eva and back when I was in Munich with [ profile] blavandgirl for the Franz Ferdinand gig, I got a text message from Eva:
"Have you already heard Xavier's new album?! Song number 11 is soooours! That's our song.."

So I went and bought the album. The song is called "Was wir alleine nicht schaffen" ( What we cannot do alone..).
So,yeah it was our song and I wrote a few lines of it in Eva's guestbook in her new appartment.

And Xavier comes on stage, gives his acceptance speach and says, before I sing my song, I have to sing you another thing.. And he sings "our song"..
Tom looks at me like I'm mad, as I rush to the telephone hoping that Eva's already back from the gym.
She picks up the phone and screams "ARE YOU WATCHING THE GOLDEN CAMERA???"
omg, i love her soooooo much!!!

ETA. soooo cute. Thomas Herrmans, comedy diva and "Quatsch Comedy Host" gets the comedy award, thanks his "man of 14 years" and says "and to all gay boys in the country, 16 or 17, in that awkward coming-out phase. This is the right moment to tell your parents why you prefer watching Award Shows rather than football! :D

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is this kelly osbourne?

and who is this girl?? )

dont worry that i move into a random fangirl, asking about girls on pics.. i was just wondering, cos both pics are from viggos sign language opening and both girls have a look like kelly ..
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Creative/Crazy/Inspiration day

i finally got my boyfriend to hang this one on our kitchen wall!!!
and i gave two of my friends the pilot :)
no pics of their excited faces.. just the kitchen wall :
Titel oder Beschreibung
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in honour of my totally wonderful weekend..

Titel oder Beschreibung
how i love my two girls

Titel oder Beschreibung
me drunk with tom :)

Titel oder Beschreibung

Titel oder Beschreibung

man, i miss you all so much *sobs*
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fanastic weather
and fantastic "long lost friend"

Titel oder Beschreibung

thanks so much anne..
you were right, they have to spend some time in the fridge first ...

love you!
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ELIHAH picspam mood

to start off... my lovely girl angela with lij in prague..
Titel oder Beschreibung

Titel oder Beschreibung

Titel oder Beschreibung

and TEH SEX inside )


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