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Finally watched the last few episodes with Flo, Angelika, Jonas and Fabian.

Besides that, we're having a great time including a loud football fan, shouting whilst walking right into a lantern pole..
Angelika and Flo already went to bed and I will, too..
Good Night my lovelies.. and especially my fellow fanDOM people, who made LJ such a wonderful place in the last years!!

sold out?

Jan. 15th, 2007 06:56 pm
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I've been talking to [profile] _skulking_for a while now .. and she just discovered that the Con in London Dom was scheduled to appear at ( as confirmed by his management ) is SOLD OUT ????!!!    


I havent heard from a single person who booked anything AND even the "Webcast" tickets are sold out on the site..
I truly think there's something wrong with the whole thing...
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One thing about the second LJ crash of doom?!
I think I did it ..

ONE            TWO        THREE

That's did 3 posts within one hour. Maybe the gods of LJ were trying to punish me ...

And once again I learned how far too important this all is to me.

Hope you are all doing great...

What I did during the outage?
Had fabulous dinner with Tom and  [profile] blavandgirl
and watched more of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 with Miss Monkeyhair!
Both laughed at the same time about mentioning Burke's arse in one scene *g*

I realize that I don't hate Meredith! I really dont!

Opinions on "Dexter"?? 
I kept it on my iPod for dry times *lol*
And as I didn't get to download Grey's and VM yesterday I just had that left for this morning.

As for
Lost )
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It was not hard to somehow figured what happened on Lost from some entries..
I haven't seen it yet..And I don't want to know!! Nothing!! Don't tell me anything!!

Not that you're happy or sad or anything else about anything.. Cos most of the time I know who you love or hate, so it's easy to figure!


Oct. 31st, 2006 07:02 am
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Doesn't it feel like the writers took a wee break last year for Season 2 and now are back in full speed?!
I love it!!

 Well that was awesome!!!
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Prison Break 2x4 )
24 Season 3 up until early early in the morning )
Tomorrow's my only day off this week and I have at least 2 appointments, so we'll see if we can continue with 24

Oh... and I also managed to watch 2 shows on my ipod yesterday in my late shift..

Lost 3x1 )
Grey's Anatomy 3x3 )

In other news: The DIVINE COMEDY tonight!!!
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not in the mood for the sentence game..

1) i feel miserable.. my throat hurts like hell, I might have a little fever and I'm stuck at work.
2) mummy...
3) so the brangelina baby has been born??? i saw more than 1000 comments on [community profile] ohnotheydidnt...
4)Shiloh Nouvel????!!
4)the Grey's Anatomy finale was awesome.. 
5) now LOST...
6)my throat kills me...
7)too tired to go on..
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So many shows to watch..

So, I started with

LOST 2X20 )
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WELL ,    

Is there any need to watch Lost after knowing that?
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Am at work. With a trainee!! :/
There is not a thing to do and she is just standing in my way of surfing the internet *lol*
Managed to sneak into the back office to watch
Lost 2X18 ) though..
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Wow, Wednesday is one entertaining day the US..
So for me Thursday or like this time Friday was all about the shows.

Watched LOST with [ profile] evil_trisha and after she left I watched One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars *phew*

Oh, John )

Oh, Logan )

some screencaps from THAT scene )

Oh, Lucas )

LOST 2.16

Mar. 25th, 2006 07:10 pm
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the whole truth )


Mar. 19th, 2006 08:13 pm
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My Lost soundtrack has already been shipped yesterday, though it's only gonna be released on tuesday.

It will only reach me in april, cos Toms dad is bringing it from Chris' place.

I am also thinking of buying "The thing called love - Sp.Edition" DVD...hmmm...

Shit, remind me that I need to buy a new portable DVD..
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Missed Lost tonight, cos we're having barbeque at Peter's house, after spending all day at the beach. *sigh*
(How will I cope coming back to the cold german weather)

Project Runway )

Oh, and I learned to play Poker tonight :) And I wasnt even bad at it..
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[ profile] nairie, [ profile] evil_trisha, [ profile] wide_ocean, [ profile] shivaluna, [ profile] kaworu

You're doing LOST tonight aren't you??!!
I'll be coming to DanaTrishahausen shortly after ten ( if that's okay with you girls..).
Don't.. I repeat.. Don't wait for me with the episode.

I'm gonna watch that and VM on the plane :D

See you tonight..
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Found on [ profile] random_fandom 's LJ : DID YOU SEE THE PLANE CRASH?? .. looks closely ( Spoilers if haven't seen the last episode!!
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If this is true.. I mean.. I'm not believing anything anymore..

Lost Spoiler.. o_O... )



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