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omfg, patsie has a clip of my meet&greet with dom *squishes her*

*freaks out*
on that one hotel clip.. you can see that he recognizes me from the night before .. omgomgomg.. *dies*
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i was assured by most of you to post them..put back a little smile on yer faces ..

bad sound but hey.. dom and evie :))
cant wait for [ profile] patsies.. she's far more professional
YSI links.. anyone willing to host the clips? they're just tiny bits, but omg gorgeous

POST EDITED by [ profile] anne_elliot: changed the links, the files are not on YSI anymore, apart for the fourth link that wasn't working for me. If someone has been able to make it work could upload it again, I could host that too.

Dom on the couch
the lighting is really bad, this clip is from they had just arrived..

Dom talking

Dom talking 2

at the hotel taking pictures with people

Dom signing

Dom signing 2

evie clips later..

and i'm off for therapy.. you all have a good day,hope all people in london are ok *hugs*

ETA.please comment when dl'in and when a link is dead, k?


Jul. 7th, 2005 03:20 pm
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thank you soo much [ profile] patsie, you really made my day

lookit you guys..
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more dom and evie pics from when they were leaving for the airport..
i made them smaller this time ;)

title or description
more pics )
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more dom pics from the party (copyright [ profile] maiky711 ) be careful, HUGE pics and HUGE spam..

25+ )
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i dropped andrea off at the station at 10 and wanted to drive home, but suddenly had a huge urge to drive past the hotel dom and evie were staying in..
evie told us yesterday that they would leave this morning for london, but the van was still in front of the hotel..
i drove home, wanting to kinda close this chapter, when [ profile] maiky711 called me and asked if i wanted to come to the airport.
as its only a 10 mins drive it just did..
we waited and waited at the british arways section, but nothing happened. lone then called the hotel and asked if their publicist was still there, and she was.. and that meant they were still in the hotel and the 12:30 plane was boarding.. the next one would be at 4:30 so we drove downtown to the hotel..
i got my pictures from last night developed and we waited in a quiet corner watching both exits of the hotel.. there were two guys passing us by and both of them looked like dom from afar... so noone took me serious when i said
"there's dom.."

he was walking to the side-entrance with his publicist, then saw us and started to come over..
noone said anything and he passed us by, winked and said "hi, how are you".. and then walked on to the other entrance..
not a single one of us moved or said anything.. *headdesk3000*
it was our chance and we missed it!!

10 mins later another van drove up and evie stepped out, she turned to us and said, "you can take pics, but i have only 10 minutes to pack my stuff and then we have to catch our flight.."
by then, we were praying for dom to come back out..with a little time for us..

and OMGOMGOMG he did.. it was only 10 people or something, so he signed autographs for everyone and then posed for pics again.
when he signed my pic, he looked up when i said "its still nora, not laura" and said, "oh yeah i recognize you.. *squeeee*
AND [ profile] patsie HAS EVIDENCE-clippage

evie also came out and signed the pictures..

they both were BEYOND nice and beautiful and gorgeous and wonderful!!
i never imagined this would all end this way..

pics, loads of it and clips tomorrow..

ETA. [ profile] stefsolei asked dom what cologne he was wearing, just when he put his arm around me.. he laughed and said "oh,its just the essence of dom"

ETA2 : me and dom another perspective )
i HAD to post this tonight.. OMG.. looooook .. his arm.. *squee*
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omg so beautiful ..

title or description

sorreeeeh for spamming your flist ..
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where do i start? i start with the end.. because i love love love the pic that we did just a few hours ago, before dom and evie left for the airport

dom is gonna meet billy in london tonight, he told us!!

so.. yesterday we got a call around 4 o'clock telling us where dom and evie were staying and that they were having a press conference there.. we were nearby, so it didnt take us long to get there.
there were already the typical autograph hunters so we just went in and set down at the bar in the lobby.
[ profile] patsie and [ profile] stefsolei arrived a little bit later..
so we waited and waited, but nothing happened. andrea, then went to the front desk and asked the girl how long the press conference would take. she was told that it wasnt a press conference, but a press thing in their rooms, where reporters were guided through..

andrea and i headed home for our hairdresser appointement and annika, angela, lone and tina went to see an mark owen in store gig..
i freaked out when patsie texted me that they were doing a photoshooting in the restaurant, but i was in the middle of my hair-thing..
when we were done, patsie called me to tell me that they were gonna come out at 7:30, so we drove like mad, rushing over all red lights :)

we saw dom in the lobby, .. i just couldnt believe my eyes that it was really him!!
he was ready to leave and just got in their car without signing anything cos they were in a rush, the woman from the tv station explained that they were in a hurry, but the fucking ebay autograph people just boo-ed.. i felt so sorry and really angry!!

so, now we were already late and rushed home to get dressed and ready ..
7 girls and a gay guy.. sooo much fun :P

we drove to "spindler&klatt" , walked the red carpet and there we were .. no sign of evie and dom though.
a huge factory hall, decorated all in white and with huge beds to sit and lie on .annika and me waiting .. )

we were instructed that we would each meet dom and evie individually, but they'd only arrive after 10:30..
dom came in first )
they both sat down in the separate area and it was picture time.. sooo many photographers

my meet and greet )

+23 dom and people )

+5 evie )
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so excited.. today was even better.. i cannot believe it.. he was sooooo unbelievably kind and wonderful
am uploading pics..
just a sec :)
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update for everyone who's holding my hand right now..

so.. i couldnt stand waiting any longer, so i called bravo yesterday afternoon, asking what they had said to tom and when they'd decide..
funny conversation
BRAVO girl: yeah well, we called to ask about your age and you made it to the shortlist.
Nora: Hmmm
BRAVO girl: you'll me informed some time next week
Nora: next week? the party is on tuesday,right?
BRAVO girl: oh, uhm yeah.. perhaps my boss will call you tonight or tomorrow
Nora; ?!!!!.. its weird cos this girl i know already got her confirmation on wednesday
BRAVO girl: is that xxxxx xxxx ( say <öj user="ziyal"> s name
Nora: o_O yeah...
BRAVO girl: uhm, yeah i dunno, i was on vacation when she was called...we'll call you!

?! WTF???!!

why the fuck cant they just call, check the age ( its prolly cos its in a club and they cannot put 15 year olds in there..) and if its ok, say "woohooo, you're going.."
i just dont understand that shortlist-shit..

an hour later a friend calls me, telling me, she just emailed bravo to tell them, that she's been a fan for ages, speaks fluent english and is definitley no fangirl .. and its her biggest wish to meet dom and evey..
so 5 mins later she gets a reply, asking for her AGE AND NUMBER.. saying, maybe you're lucky and we'll call you monday..

WTF is all i can say once again..
is it like, the date to take part is offer, but we dont care...?
everyone is waiting for those asshats to draw the winners, but they answer that to a simple email??
i mean its GOOOD, cos i have better chances getting in now.. but still WTF..

my word of the day, if not week : WTF..

sorry for getting on everyone'S nerves the last days with this bullshit


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