Sep. 11th, 2006 02:39 pm
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WOW, thats fucking weird and sad..

"On September 7th Anna Nicole Smith gave birth to a healthy 6 pound, 9 ounce baby girl. Her son Daniel was in the Bahamas with her to share in the joy of his baby sister when he passed away suddenly on the morning of September 10th. We have yet to learn the cause of death but do not believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor. Anna Nicole is absolutely devastated by the loss of her son. He was her pride and joy and an amazing human being. Please do not make any press inquiries at this time so that Anna Nicole can grieve in peace"

She gives birth to her daughter and three days later her son dies?
I know she's weird and crazy and all, but noone deserves something like this..


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Can I ask you something?
Since when is Olli Kahn, EX- number 1 keeper an A-List celebrity that can turn up at the MTV Video Music Awards?? 


And Verena K. can actually look decent .....

AND omg is he really wearing a see through shirt???

*speechless.. and maybe not in a good way* LMAO
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 Does anyone know what Renee, Dom's former PR woman is doing right now?

To me it looks like she's working for/with Jason Dohring now .. See her in the back here?

/dorky revelation of the day 

wow, and seeing him with his wife.. weirdness..

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WTF, Heidi Klum is pregnant again??

Talk about time management.. They're either really good parents or have a good nanny :)

Also.. Nicole Kidman? Pregant ?? Yes or no??

Why am I always obsessed with pregnant women?

SHUT up [personal profile] tinaskywalker !!


Jun. 18th, 2006 10:28 am
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You cannot be serious.. *lmao*

Sarah Kuttner and Bela B.?????

In a relationship???


I'm not sure what to think? Is it scary, hilarious or the OTP of DOOM???
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Been surfing around the net a little bit to get a little distraction..

While I hated the whole Brangelina buzz, I adore the pictures that were made for charity..


More adorable baby pictures from the Stefani/Rossdale household! YAY for traditional names..



Mar. 12th, 2006 04:00 pm
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Stuart Townsend and Charlize have split up!!?
No we know why he didnt accompany her to the Oscars. She said he was working .. Paah..

They were such a beautiful couple .
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Titel oder Beschreibung

dont know what to think of mr maguire.. angela told me that he refused to sign autographs when he was here for the first spiderman, bc he didnt wanna make those people that who dont get one.. alright..
well he looked nice and all, but acted like he was the president of the united states himself.

we arrived@the sony center around 6 pm )

gonna see the movie on friday then :)
hope you show some good moves in it, tobey..

headache today, and feet hurt


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