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as just reading the latest issue of german instyle ( with liv on the cover..
5 years celebration.. and a huge quiz where you could win a model-photoshooting..

1. question:
What role did Brit-actor Orlando Bloom play in Lord of the rings

hmm. lemme think about it??!!

who is the fucking editor of this magazine??

good luck!

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but lookie what the mailman got for me said it was out 23rd of sept.. and its here TODAY.. aww .. you gotta see the pics.. so cute.
someone posted a link, so im not gonna take photos of every pic inside. but its just AWWWWWW
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i was so happy when the tapes finally arrived and now?? tis so saaad!
i bought two dom/billy etc videos on ebay valid for ntsc-players. as i have one i didnt think it'd be a problem.
but its all like its on fast forward :( :( :(
what can i do??
i tried toms vcr and its all in black and white, but i can SEE something. its so wodnerful and i wanna see it so badly *cries*
it has Sniper 470, ICON panels, Comic Con 2002 Dom's breakfast, Comic Con 2003 highlights, Various Billy/Dom interviews, Urban Ghost Story (only Billy's parts), Taggert (only Billy's parts), Hetty Wainthrop Conan Obrien Elijah Wood, Craig Kilborne Dom Monaghan, Craig Kilborn Billy Boyd, Sharon Osbourne Billy Boyd, Sharon Osbourne Dom Monaghan and I WANNA WATCH IT
any ideas how ??
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nice one stace...

i stole this from [ profile] magikalcrab cos shes sooo funny..
she was asked by [ profile] razzleslash:

Hump the fellowship. What order and why?

1. Aragorn: I like the scruffy look he's got going on right after the stop in Rivendell. Stubbly and manly, but clean.
2. Boromir: Not into Necrophilia, so I wanna get him when he's alive and kickin'
3. Leggy: Mmmm ... thats one fine piece of elf meat. Also, I want to grab him sometime in Lothlorien. Just for the pleasuse of shagging him under Galadriel's nose. she'd probably watch in her mirror, anyway
4. Merry: Well, see, he's got this giant carrot ...
5. Master Frodo: I've always been a sucker for freakishly huge blue eyes
6. Pip-een: Mischief = restlessness = A.D.D = great shag
7. Samwise the submissive: I'm on a roll with the hobbits, he might as well get some, too.
8. Gimli: Waist height. Also, big chunky braids and helmet are a turn on
9. Gandy He's old. There's no such thing as viagra in middle earth. You do the math

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using my mothers friend to get online again *sigh*
I'll be home tuesday night. working on wednesday. so much to catch up on ..

still no Ringcon-ticket-news (jamie.. i cant stand this waiting thing).

BUT...butbutbutbut.. Simi met Billy again. I cant fucking believe it.
she meets him in berlin, then elijah on tower bridge in london, and now BILLEH again. she went to his premiere at the edinburgh film festival and said it was totally great, cos there were no screaming fangirls.. o.O

Titel oder Beschreibung

still cant believe it.. speechless.

ok then.. im off to the cinema with eva.. will miss her soo much when i return to berlin :(
but i cant wait to talk to you all again *loves*
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im totally shaken right now.
the german lotr site has a comiccon clip with the never before seen ee footage.
it says 20 hours of never before seen footage and the music is just *shiver*
i cant wait for all the new scenes and awww... the clip is just wonderful
.. im so afraid for it all to end, though.
the ee is kinda the last thing to come up :(
and after that ...???
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just came back from the day with angela, daphi, franzi and elli.. turned out to be fantastic.
daphi is soo funny and wonderful. hope to see her again sometime..
he had so much fun.

AND the girl with the ringcon ticket mailed back!
its ticket 394, so will be sitting near the stage..hoepfully
its better then angelas ticket, which is around 1000!!

craig parker, mark ferguson and john noble are definitely coming and the talks with billys manager are looking good...

as for dom i dont think that he'll be able.. but you can always hope right ..
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gonna check later, whats missing in my collection :)

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so tired because i chatted until one in the morning and was up eaarly ..baaaad..
went to the gyn today.. different, new doc :(
then work again... ugg.. riccarda is so annoying.. she makes me feel like im the latest shit :(
but I AM THE BOSS HERE... ( when the boss isnot here!!!)

no im pissed of and cant enjoy the silence and the chat with jamie..
brought the TTT DVD.. hear some audiocommentary to cheer me up..


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