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Awww, David Odonkor married his girlfriend.. 

Cuuute, although I think I might go with less cleavage for my own wedding one day :P

Also, I kinda figured football players always marry young.. But OMG she's freaking 19 years old o.O
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I'm speechless.
It brought back all the memories of the summer and no director could've made it any better!!

The only feeling I hated was the fact that I knew the outcome of the Italy game and I couldn't change a thing about it.

It felt even weirder to know that we had just been to the team's hotel around the corner, as they're still in Berlin and saw them coming back from their training..

PS 1a HAPPY belated Birthday to my special fellow libra girls : [ profile] bondgirl2002, [ profile] txvoodoo and [ profile] cologne_chick

PS 1b . Thank you to everyone who thought of me on my special day! Thanks for your wishes!!
PS 2: My PC wont let me connect to the internet all of a sudden. Tom's laptop works with my router, so the PC is the problem.,
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Book's here!!!
Am reading it on the train...


Am so looking forward to the 5th, where 11 or 12 of us ( nearly all with a LJ ) are meeting up to watch "Deutschland: Ein SOmmermärchen" 

Bye for now!!
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[profile] galeena or someone else who ordered the book "Deutschland: Ein Sommermärchen"...
Didn't they say it would be released in November or something??

I just got the email that it has been shipped... o.O

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FOUND ON [community profile] manndecker

 "Deutschland: Ein Sommermärchen"

I am truly expecting this documentary to become one of the most successful german movies!!

It hits theaters in October and OMG it already gives me the shivers!!!

For everyone who doesn't know what this is about.. Sönke Wortmann, successful german director, followed the german nationalteam with his camera throughout the WORLD CUP 2006.. 
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I cannot wait to get out of here tonight..
The guests get on my nerves, plus we have a group of some weird russian youngsters who constantly bother me with stupid things.
*le sigh*

I'm okay to be bothered by nice people *lol*. After all it's also my job to give them the info they need. I talked to this nice woman from Phoenix, Arizona, which made me think of [profile] mailea instantly..  She was cute and I loved how happy she was with me being nice to her. SHe said she just flew in from Rome and people treated her horribly there..

I'm having tuesday and wednesday off. But I'm without my car, which is le suck!!
It's at the garage again, but  they've said they're pretty positive they've found what's wrong now! FINA-fucking-LLY

In other news, I'm "late"... Just a few days and I've been cramping for 2 days now, but I wanna get over with it for this month and not have to deal with it while enjoying the Robbie concert on thursday.

Some of you guys linked me to a good programm to get clips off of a while ago..... clips come out as .flv files though and I don't know how to convert/use them.. any idea?
I neeeeeed THIS clip of the Nationalmannschaft, it's the Strenesse-photoshoot behind the scenes clip..

I still have "problems" to grasp the thought of maybe being a bridesmaid and a god-mother next year!
I know that nothings planned out yet, but I'd be pretty miserable if Eva and Robert  chose someone else for both "jobs" *lol*
Oh, the happiness..

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Thanks you Shiva for the link .. THE World Cup documentary will hit movie theaters in october!1! *counts the days*


For all you uninformed people, the german director Sönke Wortmann was with the german squad throughout the whole World Cup and has every single special moment captured on film!
Even the celebration IN the cabin after the penalty shoot out vs Argentina ...

I'm betting all my money that this is gonna ben the most successful documentary ever11

We should ALL meet up an watch it as soon as it hits the theaters!!!!

82 Mio???

Jul. 13th, 2006 09:47 am
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Es gibt eine limitierte Edition, 22,50 Euro, Mindestbestellmenge 2 Stück ...

SCHNELLLLLLL, da limitiert

well fuck..

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

die angeboten T-Shirts sind originale von Adidas
und werden auch von Adidas hergestellt.

Adidas bietet zwei Varianten an. Eine limitierte
Auflage, dieses ist seid gestern bei uns bereits
vergriffen und eine Neuauflage,
diese können
Sie nach wie vor im Web-Shop bei uns bestellen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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I knew he was gonna quit..
Why be so hesitant??

Klinsmann is not gonna carry on being our Bundestrainer

SAD :(

He's doing the easier thing for him.. After coming so far in the World Cup everyone's expecting a high standard that he might not be able to keep up.. He's leaving while being on top..


Still no official  word, but I have no reason not to believe it..

ETA. is it official ??? *confused*

Mayer-Vorfelder confirmed..

ETA 2: Congrats Jogi Löw.. I'm sure you'll be continuing Klinsis work!!

In other news .. David Odonkor has been accused of speeding and pushing on the motorway and has to face a judge at the "Amtsgericht Recklinghausen"..
Guess where my dad has an appointment that day???
Not on the Odonkor case, but I just called him and he said that he has one that day..

And I just realised it's the day of the Robbie concert in Cologne, so I'll be staying at my parents'
hmmmm *LOL*

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Congrats Italy!
I rooted for them, as I prefer having lost to the World Champion :)

AAAND I know there are some happy HAPPY people on my flist

*jumps [ profile] skylar_muc*

Apart from that I'm still dealing badly with all that's going on.. It feels as if things are still getting worse at the moment.
Not even "meeting" ( rather seeing them at the hotel ) Per Mertesacker and Lukas Podolski could chear me up *lol*

I hope you are all doing well and the ones of you who loved the WC 2006 as much as I did, don't worry .. the European Championship is just 2 years away .hehe

ETA.. oh i must say this .. Zinedine Zidane?? PFUI!! I expected more!!

Darling, you deserve everything you could ever wish for! You are such a wonderful person and I am happy to have you in my life!!!
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Our nationalmannschaft rockt so dermassen.

Sportfreunde Stiller feat. Podolski, Odonkor und Schweinsteiger an den Drums..

And Xavier singing ...

And hundreds of thousands of people..

And Metzelder shaved. awww... loved the beard
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i'm home alone and for tonight my nationalmannschaft brings me happiness

we are KILLING portugal!!

3:0 (etA:3:1)

this should be the final.. the real one

*happy tears*

i hate that saying, but isn't this how the "champion of the hearts should play"?? *cheesy*


... and such a sad feeling to leave those 4 weeks behind..

thank you klinsi!!

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I'll definitely remember the happy faces..

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Gee, yesterday was the day of missed opportunities...

Kerstin bought two tickets to see Robbie Williams in Dresden on ebay.. You'll never guess how much she paid... 30 fricking Euros.. That's 15 Euros per ticket!!!!!

Aaaaaand, the lovely Angela thought she'd drive by the german team-hotel  ..  She is ALWAYS lucky.. She walks by a hotel and a celeb steps out *lol*

Check out METZELDER, LEHMANN and the FRINGS tattoo 


Tom and I went to see "American Dreamz" last night, of which I expected much more. Hugh Grant was hilariously annoying, Mandy Moore just annoying and well the rest was just.. meh...
I had such high hopes on this..
Ah well..
"The Lake House" awaits me in a few days.. They have chosen the perfect song for the trailer, if you ask me : "Somewhere only we know" just gives you the shivers in connection with Keanu's teary eyes..

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More things I love about the World Cup and my hotel..

Cute Israelian guy flirting.. He totally was.. but in a nice, low key, smiling at me-way.. 
And I'm finally able to cope *lmao*

AND these 4 gorgeous portugese guys, who couldn't stop smiling.
They were the last ones to check out today, so I could take my time and talk to them while they waited for their taxi.
I remembered how I love to speak Portugese.. I was fluent back when I was with Alcides ( whom I wrote a letter today, btw..) and now I'm too scared to say more than "Obrigada" or "Meu ex-namorado e brasileiro" :)

There are moments where I wouldn't give my job for anything in the world.

Please, do remind me of this entry when I'm all angry about my job in the future :D
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I'm not a huge football fan in general. 
I don't watch Bundesliga and I don't have a favourite german team.
And though I LOVE Manchester United and am proud to say that I did even before the Beckham Mania started, I still think football can be totally boring..
But there is hotness and angst and yes, I am as shallow as to say  "Geee, Metzelder/Christiano Ronaldo/Lehmann/XXY is hot"

As much as I feared the football fans and the general tourists adding up to a horrific summer in Berlin I am as surprised as most people I know.. It's all good *nods*
I don't go to the Fan-Festival cos I can't stand the masses.. But to watch it from afar and to see my city on TV makes me happy.

All the guests that I've worked for in my hotel were gushing about how wonderful they were treated all over Germany.. And gee, that makes me proud.
Whoa, I've never been that way.. This is new to me *lol*

Another new thing is the "supporting my home team" thing. *lmao*
I always had the england love..And I still want them to win reach the finale.. (although they played like bored mofos ) ..
but somehow the German-frenzy got me.. As I said, enthusiasm and all..
You won't see me with a flag/shirt or anything, but the atmosphere in my country is fantastic!!!

PeeEss.. awww, Ronaldo cried because he was injured?? *pets him*

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More Australians..
It seems the guy who took his shirt off yesterday hasnt put it back on yet *lmao*

Other half of the hotel has been taken over by the Swedes.. There are banners and flags everywhere.. WOW..

So, apparently Billy's concert was yesterday..
And he sang a World Without Sunday's song?

A report ( and pics ) can be found HERE

Too hot for more.. *melts*
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I just had the first hot Aussie take his shirt off right in front of my desk in the lobby..

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The World Cup will eat us alive..

*has weird dreams*

I saw the Brazilian team!!!!!!!!!!!!! *woooot*

Last night, driving home from work I drove right behind them... Then they made a right into Fasanenstrasse, where their hotel is and the police closed the whole road :(

And the "Berliner Morgenpost" wrote about all the places the German team is hanging out.. Places I go to from time to time o.O

Jens Lehmann has been spotted at the "Cafe am Neuen See" with Christoph Metzelder... and eating Ice-cream in the "Kollwitzplatz"-Area.

Another hotspot is Kastanienallee *lol* 

Want me to be your guide??

Also.. A link for [profile] wide_ocean.. Something on Chris Martin doing "The Crouch 


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