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I booked a ticket to go home and see my parents next week..
And as much as I can't wait to see them again I don' t really feel that happy to go..
Ever since Saturday's panic attac I feel weirded out.. I just don't know what it is.
Work stresses me.. and my freetime freaks me out. *sigh*

So, I'm leaving for Herten on the 27th..(tuesday), coming back to Berlin Saturday 1st July
[personal profile] hai_di and [personal profile] kerrsmith2306
I know it's no weekend, but maybe we can somehow meet up somewhere??

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The therapy guy is a definite "no-no".
In the "How on earth could ever believe to find him attractive"-way...
*embarrassed looks*

Ahem, yes..

VM with Tom )

We had dinner at Krischan and Björn's place yesterday. Although Krischan told me they had split up a while ago they still acted like a couple.. an old married one to be specific. So I have to find out what that is all about *spies*
Dinner was fantastic.. And they had strawberries covered in white chocolate...OMG!!!

EDIT: EEEEEEEE; OMGZ.. they're early.. I just checked in [ profile] tuvali and Paul (!).. Squeee.. They just went to their room, but she looks adorable from what I've seen ..
And I have to say, I love uncomplicated people! There was no question whatsoever that we'd hug..
I know there will be one or two awkward moments, cos we both know so much about each other.. But I'm used to meeting internet people by now *lol*
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i just came back from my second time at the psychological institute.
its great, cos you dont need to pick a doc from the phone book .. you go to 3 different therapist and have 4 intro-visits and THEN they decide what therapy is the best for you and WHO is best for you.

after the horror-doc from before my vacation ( remember?) the one today was wonderful.
i am really tired from talking so much, but it was really good.
im seeing her again on friday.
then off to another on the week after that (or later) and then im through and hopefully with a good therapist!!

tom is making dinner and we hopefully have a wonderful evening!

oh.. for all germans on my flist.. i saw "sommersturm" with robert stadlober yesterday.
wonderful!! a thoughtful well written coming our story! and it was funny too!
the love scene was really breathetaking.. awww
had to watch the last episodes of QAF season 2 cos i was in such a great gay mood LOL
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so i went to the therapist yesterday. he wasnt supposed to be my longterm-doc, he was there to ask me about the previous therapy and see who out of the institute can work with me ( on me)..
i still cant believe what a fucking wanker i sat in front of.
he asked me all kind of questions in a tone that made me feel like being in front of a jury.
he said something about trying to tie people to you with your "problem"
. friends family even the therapist he said.
i got really upset and said that i dont care about my therapist and that I'd be happy NOT to NEED my people so close around me.thats why im doing therapy !
he really made me feel like i was asking to much of a therapist to help me..
cant transcript the whole shitty thing properly, but he was a real arsehole.
totally made my day.
took a migrane pill, that made the headache go away, but my whole body and mind feeling worse..

we went for a walk in the evening, sat in the grass and talked which i really enjoyed.. but still... GRRRRR

so.. here's my flower.. why is mine so ugly and the other ones so colourfully beautiful??
I am flower named nora1980 !
I consist of my friends!
Are you flower too?

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it climaxed of course. cannot take it. and neither can tom, i know. and i told him. i know my mum can, cos she did it all the time. but i cannot ask this of him.
and still he tries and still he cannot understand. underastimates.
we went for a walk, i cried, broke down, cried for an hour.
he asked what i'd do if i could just do what i want,.. i said "i'd go home" he said that he knew.
dont wanna hurt him, but he cant take it.
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i've been chatting with all the girls again..
yesterday was so much fun ,bc we scared a newbie with our slashy talk.. and we did it on purpose... sorry...
that didnt work today though.. that other girl was lying like shit, telling she's miranda ottos cousine and going to nz with her and dom.. yeah right..
and she was like " we dont tolerate gays" and so on.. waaaah

well just a few minutes ago i ended my private chat with jamie, bc she had to go for her lunchbreak..
it was really weird bc we talked about my therapy and her depression and it was like i finally had someone who coudl REALLY understand whats going on inside of me.. i know tom and mum do their best to help me .. but in the end they dont knwo how i feel inside and tom sometimes underestimates my weakness..


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