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it took me ages to get through my flist today..
and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had someting about LOST in it..
i wish i would be in the us right now and get as excited as you all are!!!
i mean i can dl it and watch it.. but its just not the same :(

but i love the HYPE that is on right now... brilliant.

its so funny when you read non STARDOM messages on lost tv or other communities, like:

Oh and Merry was in it, too :) LOL

having my last day of work for a week and a half today, which means a "gonna miss you message" will be posted in approx. 8 hours ..
trying to get online at my friends though.

ps: thanks stace for cracking me up AGAIN.. i loved that seen with Kate and Charlie and its just soooooo true and funny what you wrote about it :x

pps: laurie.. i knew you'de like qaf.. isnt it GREAT??!!!

ppps.. did you all see the clip ( was it E! or ET??) of DOm wandering around the set?? awwwww..

credit to [ profile] nuregwen
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why are you always so frickin' funny, stace??
is it the language barrier that i cant come up with those original things, like you? or am i just to0 boring??

I had to steal this from [profile] magikalcrabs journal, cos i was laughing my ass off!!

Ten things i dont wanna hear today )
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ok.. im fine today.
everything will work out! im sure.

am talking to my beloved [ profile] magikalcrab on ym.
she is drunk and soooo funny
8pints ot LJb8? )

omg.. how can you not love qaf??
i cried so hard when justin got beaten up... awww
i cant wait for brian telling him that he loves him. butz i figured its not gonna happen withing the first 3 seasons..
does anyone know??
Titel oder Beschreibung
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[ profile] magikalcrab is a brilliant genius!!!

go on.. tell everyone
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nice one stace...

i stole this from [ profile] magikalcrab cos shes sooo funny..
she was asked by [ profile] razzleslash:

Hump the fellowship. What order and why?

1. Aragorn: I like the scruffy look he's got going on right after the stop in Rivendell. Stubbly and manly, but clean.
2. Boromir: Not into Necrophilia, so I wanna get him when he's alive and kickin'
3. Leggy: Mmmm ... thats one fine piece of elf meat. Also, I want to grab him sometime in Lothlorien. Just for the pleasuse of shagging him under Galadriel's nose. she'd probably watch in her mirror, anyway
4. Merry: Well, see, he's got this giant carrot ...
5. Master Frodo: I've always been a sucker for freakishly huge blue eyes
6. Pip-een: Mischief = restlessness = A.D.D = great shag
7. Samwise the submissive: I'm on a roll with the hobbits, he might as well get some, too.
8. Gimli: Waist height. Also, big chunky braids and helmet are a turn on
9. Gandy He's old. There's no such thing as viagra in middle earth. You do the math



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