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Besides work there's not much happening these past days.
Once again I had to throw away my contacts because my optometrist figured she still hasn't found the ideal ones for me.
So, no wonder that they itched!

Friday and Saturday night Tom I watched 

Also, at work I've been watching

shut it!!!

Oct. 19th, 2006 10:45 pm
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German (!!) TV spoiled me for the Project Runway winner... How fucked up..
But, as noone knows who my fav was I can honestly say "HELL YEAH" without giving any spoilers to anyone..

Had a nice day that started with a row, but ended with some food and wine on the couch with Tom.
I love those moments where you just feel happy and content..

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I need an non-RL, fandom, celebrity post ;)

So, let's talk about Project Runway ...

After Daniel V. losing last season's finale I didn' t really wanna watch Season 3.#
But Flo made me watch 3x6 and after that I had to dl and watch all other episodes as well.
It was kinda hard to get to like the characters I already knew were gonna get their "Auf Wiedersehen"

( can you believe that they use the phrase : "See who's gonna be auf'd next week" ???!!!!)

But all in all the people I liked in 3x6 are wonderful throughout the show!

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............ )won???

Haven't seen the finale yet, but couldnt resist clicking the spoiler..

I think.. )
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Missed Lost tonight, cos we're having barbeque at Peter's house, after spending all day at the beach. *sigh*
(How will I cope coming back to the cold german weather)

Project Runway )

Oh, and I learned to play Poker tonight :) And I wasnt even bad at it..
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I am addicted to "Project Runway"..(US TV of course ) It's much much better than Germany's next Topmodel, which also features Heidi Klum..To me, its far more interesting to see the dresses being made than the stupid girls walking the catwalk..
Project Runway has far more interesting characters and their challenges are really cool. I'm happy BRAVO is doing reruns every night.. so I got to see what happened until the three remaining conestants were left over ;)

And I'm in love with Nick ( axed ) and Daniel ( final 3, yay!!)

I realised just now,that I wont be here anymore when the finale airs .. damn..


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