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Have you seen T.R Knight on "Ellen"??!!

Oh the hilarity..That woman, Gladys,from Texas, called in to say that Ellen should move her plant so that she wouldnt look like Alfalfa. LMAO.

So the plant is moved and Ellen calls Gladys back.
That woman is just hilarious!! The accent does some magic, too..
Ellen nearly loses it when Gladys says "I gotta be honest with you. I love Jesus, but I drink a little.."

And Ellen laughs and laughs and she goes on "I dont drink a lot, just a little to thin the blood.." ... ahahaha

ETA: and the interview itself?! awwww. T.R. is so cute and modest.. "..standing next to Eric Dane and Justine Chambers.. it's sad.. "
T.R.: I just don't see it..
And Ellen says something that is so true.."That's why it's even sexier. When you don't see it.I don't like people who know it.."

I need a George icon..

HE IS SOOOOOOOO FUNNY talking about nude scenes..


Jan. 7th, 2007 02:19 pm
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Did 601 of 24 already air in the US?! (I'm totally out of the loop with all those shows..)
Cos -squeee- I'm downloading it right now..

TOm and I are not sure if we wanna watch it all in one go. Not on one day, silly..but waiting from week to week might be annoying when it comes to that show..
We'll see.
We still have a few episodes of S5 to watch!

Yesterday evening was spend re-watching Grey's Anatomy Season 2 with Dana and Sandra. It is indeed my favourite show. There hasnt been one annoying or boring storyline!!
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One thing about the second LJ crash of doom?!
I think I did it ..

ONE            TWO        THREE

That's did 3 posts within one hour. Maybe the gods of LJ were trying to punish me ...

And once again I learned how far too important this all is to me.

Hope you are all doing great...

What I did during the outage?
Had fabulous dinner with Tom and  [profile] blavandgirl
and watched more of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 with Miss Monkeyhair!
Both laughed at the same time about mentioning Burke's arse in one scene *g*

I realize that I don't hate Meredith! I really dont!

Opinions on "Dexter"?? 
I kept it on my iPod for dry times *lol*
And as I didn't get to download Grey's and VM yesterday I just had that left for this morning.

As for
Lost )
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Prison Break 2x4 )
24 Season 3 up until early early in the morning )
Tomorrow's my only day off this week and I have at least 2 appointments, so we'll see if we can continue with 24

Oh... and I also managed to watch 2 shows on my ipod yesterday in my late shift..

Lost 3x1 )
Grey's Anatomy 3x3 )

In other news: The DIVINE COMEDY tonight!!!
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There's not much happening in my life at the moment, I guess.

I have a terrible cold and all I do is work and sleep at the moment.

Met up with [profile] stefsoleil yesterday, to hold her hand, while she got her ears pierced.. Yeah, that's about it.

Oh.. and

Thanks to [profile] maiky711 for the heads up.
Franz Ferdinand on German TV ( ARTE) 

Placebo / Franz Ferdinand
Donnerstag, den 28. September um 22.30 Uhr
ARTE hat die beiden Erfolgsbands (Placebo / Franz Ferdinand) im Tourbus, auf der Bühne und backstage durch den Festivalalltag begleitet. Dass das Leben "on Tour" neben allem Spaß auch ganz schön anstrengend sein kann, zeigen Interviews, Momentaufnahmen und Konzertausschnitte.
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I knew why I was looking forward to the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy the most!!
They just know how to make a perfect show!
There is not a character I hate..

3x01 )
Now I gotta find that last song!
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not in the mood for the sentence game..

1) i feel miserable.. my throat hurts like hell, I might have a little fever and I'm stuck at work.
2) mummy...
3) so the brangelina baby has been born??? i saw more than 1000 comments on [community profile] ohnotheydidnt...
4)Shiloh Nouvel????!!
4)the Grey's Anatomy finale was awesome.. 
5) now LOST...
6)my throat kills me...
7)too tired to go on..
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The Grey's Anatomy slashes itself at the Upfrons.. Watch it, but it probably has Season 2 spoilers.. But it's soooo worth it!!!

Thanks to [personal profile] shirasade for posting the link!

feel like doing linkage today..

found via [personal profile] nothing_to_say THE HETEROSEXUALITY QUESTIONAIRE... Yeah.. do it..

Key West

Feb. 27th, 2006 03:53 pm
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Our trip to Key West nearly began in the middle of the night..
I had set the alarm on my cell to wake us up on 6:30 am.. Not remembering that the cell was still on European time, which meant we got up at 0:30 showered and got dressed.. I looked at my watch. Turned it around, wondering if the battery was empty or the clock broken..
Until I realised my mistake .. Tom was still in the shower and I collapsed laughing in front of it..

So we got back to bed and slept another 6 hours *lol*

The boattrip was ok, I was PMsing a lot, so that didnt make it easier. It was cloudy when we left Fort Myers beach, but the most beautiful weather awaited us in the Keys.
What also awaited us, was the most beautiful hotel, I've ever seen. If you ever go to Key West make sure to book a room at the Nassau House ( It is a gorgeous old house, with a cute front porch and backyard jacuzzi, run by a gay couple with two dogs. So adorable.

We enjoyed our time, ate a lot of yummy cuban food and Key Lime Pie and I drank lots and lots of coconuts.
The only problem was that because of bad weather at sea, our boat wasnt going back yesterday, which left us renting a car and driving 7 hours up to Fort Myers. Wonderful.

Grey's Anatomy )
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there you go )

We had the most amazing breakfast brunch in the clubhouse today.. It was très chic and swanky and the french toast was gorgeous.They had a huge bowl of strawberries, which was all eaten by me. nearly *lol*

After that we changed into out beach gear and drove to Lover'S Key again.
Man, the weather is wonderful and it's gonna stay that way!! It's even going up into the middle 80s!!

More wonderful food tonight, was we had a barbeque *holds tummy*


Feb. 13th, 2006 01:47 pm
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That my dear friends, is how you make TV shows!!!
Last nights Grey's Anatomy )

So yeah.. A message to that other TV show.. This is how you do it..


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