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ANNE!!!!!!!! come and chat with me about my mullet LOL !!!
stardom please!!

EDIT.. im gone *sits in corner sulking*
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i dont have much to say the last days..

am relieved after hearing that the girl is ok! thanks bobbi you're amazing.

work sucks.

deagol is coming to ringcon.

tis all
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bye everyone.. as for the time-differences i can see some of you online tomorrow, but other i wont be seeing for 2 1/2 weeks ..tis sad.. but i will return. hopefully tanned and relaxed.

jamie,nali,pokeh,laurie,anne,pixii (where have you been love??)stace,katie,bobbi,gemz and all other lovely people on my flist(dont be sad, when i didnt mention you .thinking of you).. gonna miss you all
am bad at goodbyes
*runs out*
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a wonderful way to start a day..
playing a little F5 with "cruel katie"

#soquiet:: crazy creepy roomate who scratches himself with cooking utensils
nora1980:: eek nice,... male or female?
#soquiet:: male
#soquiet:: that was creepy.
#soquiet:: it was like "demale" then it switched to "female"
#soquiet:: ... or maybe i'm psychotic
nora1980:: no that was my magic trick
nora1980:: you dont know F5 yet??
#soquiet:: penis
#soquiet:: haha awesome penis in a box
nora1980:: didnt have to explain
nora1980:: wow.. other people were soooo slow
#soquiet:: haha
#soquiet:: i'm amazing like penis
nora1980:: and now you have something to play around
#soquiet:: *snort*
nora1980:: with Doms penis in a box
#soquiet:: yes
#soquiet:: penis!
nora1980:: poor dommeh
nora1980:: who cut it off?
#soquiet:: that was me
nora1980:: cruel katie
#soquiet:: yes, that's me

loving doms feet and using F5 for hiding your sexual fanatsy )

gonna end me lovely entry with a quote from the ass-kicking beautiful nali...

"3 movies.

One love.

The Lotr Trilogy.

That should so be the slogan"
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im in a picspam mood today.. did two at stardom already

what else?? ( guh.. tis all boring )
already did hundreds of reseravtions cos my nice lovely collegue left them for me..thanks.
said goodbye to laurie, whos leaving for maine today *sobs*
and finally talked to jamie again... love you loads, liebling. was wonderful talking to you again..

TEH HUG talk )
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*sigh* back at work.

had two days off. weather was brilliant, so i was rarely online.

oh my fucking god, how much i missed stardom, the board and the chat.
how will i survive a camping trip to france..
BTW anyone want a nice holiday postcard?? feel free to send me your address :)
ok,.. so how survive?? hoping on some nice trips to various cities, some good books, fun in the water and fun with tom?! hope that works out. still .. i feel like i'll miss out on something, when Im not online.
will look for the nearest internet café asap.. but where when theres just fecking nature?!

anyways, so its really hot outside, but still we decided to rent a truck to get our basement free of all that old stuff lying around ( our old bed, that broke while we were in it, funnily enough.. the old vacuum cleaner and such).. nice..we had to take towels for the seats otherwise they'd burned us alive.
wasnt fun i tell ya.
but .. hey i gotta new desk at Ikea..and we jumped into the wannsee after all that frenzy. it was so much fun, the beach was full, as the school-holidays are still on this week, but after carrying all that stuff and sweating like hell, it was so gooooood.
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not much to say..

i hate changes.. miss the old chat :(
everyone who should know what i mean, i loved it . i had wonderful crackin-up talks but also more deeper ones. *loves*

having two days off, dont know how much i'll be around, but thinking of you all ( or Y'all as cole would say ).
going to ikea tomorrow ( yay nali ), hopefully getting me a new desk.

i miss julia and christoph, they left today :( i had a wonderful time with them. feel so sorry for julia that he's going to move to florida, no matter what. poor girl.

just one more week and france is calling, hope this all goes well, first vacation with tom .. meeep

ok, im off
love y'all (teheee)
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i had a really fantastic time at my parents..

we arrived late on thursday )

sometimes i really hate living so far away..

i missed STARDOM
and the chat terribly..
and it was just these days that it was all crazy and fun b/c of comic con.
i really wanted to talk to the girls so badly.
but now i'm back.. but only for two weeks.. i should be happier about going to the south of france.
anyways.. so much slash, lj and forum stuff to read

and going into therapy again today.. yay fun

great to be back!
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am gonna miss you all my flist-- on my way to my parents
will be back on wednesday. i dont know if I'll be able to go online in that time :(

[ profile] sacreddesire eat healthy and sleep tight love!
[ profile] sistersluge have so much fun. i know you will think of me. ta! i love you
[ profile] mojomonkey its been so lovely to chat and actually see you *loves* flash me next time.. hahah
[ profile] footyangel its a love/hate thing on lj dont ya think? you're my long lost friend
[ profile] littlepixii i miss you! but i think of you cos i have your cd with me
[ profile] magikalcrab cheers to good sex.. we're all jealous, honey
[ profile] pokeh wheres the one to beta?? love your fic, babe
[ profile] paper_melodies you're so funny, sweety! i love you!
[ profile] xwasted_exhalexyour way to england? have fun with daniel.. hahah
[ profile] fansite4dom thinking of you, hope everything works out well!

aaaaaah im getting all emotions *sob*
what will happen when i go on my 3 week vacation in august..

see you all next week
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hhmmm... nothing exciting happening today,my beloved flist.

toms working all day and is going out with christopher tonight.. mmh..
my period is still somewhere else but not in my pants :(
am really scared. i told tom I'd wait until monaday and then go and buy a test.
this is FUCKING not gonna say anything like "IF it is..."

and my lovelife is kinda scary too.. we talked about it yesterday. you measure your sex with the one you read in the fics.. and its never that good. besides, i just dont feel the LUST.. its just not there.

cant wait to get home on thursay, though it means nearly 5 days without the internet and my LOVELY CHAT:::-silence-::: *cries*
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wonderful chat today.. so funny

gagged this one from nail thanks babe... this interview is hilarious

GN: This ones called InBloom - Orlando in Bloom

GN: So anyway basically the topic was : I met orlando at a party last year.

Girl1: I met orlando at a party last year he was sssssssoooooooooooo checking me out, Im sick of you guys making out like you have a chance I know im gonna get him.

GN: And then it goes..

Girl2: Whatever Loooser, Orlando dont deal with shmucks, He brought me a Sex On The Beach in L.A, nice cocktail ;)

Girl1: Sex On The Beach WHATEVER. And then you WOKE UP!

GN: And then it goes, and then it goes....

Girl3: You two are so sad, You dont know Orlando, I DO. You are mingers.

GN: And then...and then it goes....ok....and then it goes

Girl1: Ok. lets do a test. If you are Orlandos girl then tell me what is his favourite vegtable. Answer now or admit you are a fake

Girl..2?3?4?: Eat shit jessica. Its carrot!

GN: Then...And then

Girl4: You Fake YOU fake, In an interview i read Orlando likes broccoli best. You are a loser you do not know Orlando eat shit and die >:(

orlando: *something...i cant hear*

GN: What..What what is your favourite vegtable? We have to know now!

Orlando: *laughs* Im partial to a bit of spinich actually.

GN: Spinich?

Orlando: Pirate you know...i mean popeye

GN: oooh oooh i wondered what you were doing there....
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something is missing when i cant go to the chat and talk to the girls..
seems i wanna go back to work??? naaah.. im enjoying my two days off,.. but still

and finally the sun has come out

and... kat just send me a letter... including a scan,,.. she is pregnant.. wow.. im so happy for her. shes been married for 4 years now and it was about time. hahaha

tom and his brother are off to play golf and i stay home and and enjoy the sun on the balcony.

[ profile] sacreddesire I LOVE YOU babes

[ profile] pokeh thanks sooooo much for the fic.. i love you
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i talked to jamie.
on the phone :)
i just took all my courage and called her at work.
i didnt know what to say, so i asked "do you know who it is"
"im chatting with you right now"
she said she knew by then..
it was really lovely and we both kept giggling and laughing.

so thta was so much fun.. todayn toms not in a talking mood.
im going to the gym now, he just left and said " i'll be gone for an hour"
ok great :(
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day began good (apart from getting up much tooo earlie ..ggrrr) with the chat :)
boring work.. eljana is coming to berlin today, but i'll let her stay in the hotel.. too much for me letting her stay at home. not now.
jessy is actually ATTENDING the spiderman 2 premiere tomorrow ( :( ) whereas i'll be standing at the red carpet waiting for her to come up and give me a hug...
no work tomorrow...yay
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work still sucked, but i chatted all through it with laurie, stacey, anne, jamie and even bobbi came in.
still i feel all blurry and totally sucked out.
coming home i kinda hoped for jamies post to be there.. but within a few days.. no way.
but oh my fucking good, there was one item laying on my bed... and it says sender:JAMIE
i jumped around trying to get into the chat again.
tom said: "can you please try and be this happy all day?"
then the dvd didnt work in the living room and not in toms pc...
relieve,,.. works in my dvd player *sigh*

went to the cinema, to see this drew barrymore/ben stiller movie .. cant remember the name. was shit anyway.. they both wasted their talent on that on .. bah
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i was woken up very rude by tom, who decided to jump up like nothing when the alarm got on.. i was still dizzy and thought i was all late..
my first early shift in, it seems, weeks, so im kinda tired.

left the chat at an ok time, couldnt resist watching 6X16 of SATC, though... sam has cancer and decides to shave her hair off and her lovely boyfriend does the same..
asked tom if he'd do the same, he said yeah.. isnt love great ( yeah i wish )

so i jumped into the car this morning, zapping through the radio stations. when i heard : "win tickets to see alanis morrissett tonight at the berlin waldbühne, when you hear one of her songs call..."
so i drove and drove and when i reached work i heard the first buts of "everythin" and just dialed.
suddenly there was this claudia asking for my name and telling me to turn off the radio. "you might be winning tickets" she said ( might be? ) " stay on the line..
i heard nothing for a minute, then th elast notes of everything again.

"this was alanis morrissette. shes going to play at the sold out waldbühne today. And what are your plans for tonight, Nora?!"
i couldnt believe it..
wow i said " i hope im going to see alanis " :)
wow.. they asked me how i liked her new hairdo and all... i was so shakey..
had to phone my mum afterwards and tom.. with just a big smile over my face.

so a good start..yay
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went to bed after 2 this morning, because the chat was funny.. the girl, wo said she was mirandas cousine returned an it was just hilarious.. we were all onto her but she didnt stop. she even said she was going skydiving which made jamie furious bc she knows all about it..
had some really nice talking with jamie bout the therapy and all. feel understood.

we also talked about how dom would be like ´as a dad... see this then: )

well today was time for the second wisdom tooth to be taken out.. ouch.. it worked all out though and it only started to hurt after i woke up againat 2..dont wanna do that again.

on the chat again.. "we love monaboyd, slash and hate work"

going to wills to watch euro 2004 netherlands:portugal
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i've been chatting with all the girls again..
yesterday was so much fun ,bc we scared a newbie with our slashy talk.. and we did it on purpose... sorry...
that didnt work today though.. that other girl was lying like shit, telling she's miranda ottos cousine and going to nz with her and dom.. yeah right..
and she was like " we dont tolerate gays" and so on.. waaaah

well just a few minutes ago i ended my private chat with jamie, bc she had to go for her lunchbreak..
it was really weird bc we talked about my therapy and her depression and it was like i finally had someone who coudl REALLY understand whats going on inside of me.. i know tom and mum do their best to help me .. but in the end they dont knwo how i feel inside and tom sometimes underestimates my weakness..
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its sooo borning without jamie and laurie online.. nothing to do at work.. so i was waiting allday for them to com online. but nothing happens..
oh and by the way.. did I say that LIFE SUCKS...thats what im feeling right now..
can you give me that teary look please dommie??

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finally got off my arse and went to the gym today... felt so good afterwards. should do more often..

have been chatting with the wonderful laurie ( who wont tell me her real name) and jamie for the last days.. jamie is really coming to visit me when she is in london..cant wait to meet her



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