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Nov. 17th, 2008 06:39 pm
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..from an awesome weekend and already off again to see Franz Ferdinand in a few..
*awww memories*
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ETA: 12th march.. oh no!! its the night of the dave matthews concert....*cries*
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*smooches [profile] your_villain* for posting Franz Ferdinand live@ TV Total. 

I knew  Alex had to laugh about that audience *lol*

And can you look more handsome? They ALL did!!

Did they say something afterwards, Sophie??? Or did they just walk off?
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So.. pics and report of the FF concert last night.
We got there pretty late, as the doors were supposed to open at 7 and we were there by 7.01 :)
Met up with Annika and Stina ( and saw [ profile] k_wedge on my way in..)
The crowed was mixed.. from 15 year old girlies to stylish geeks..
I had originally planned to make it a "quiet night", but ended up with Annika and her sis in the second row left of the middle.
"The Rakes" opened and were ok, but I couldn't "concentrate" on them too much, as I had the worst headbangers and stage-divers right behind me. The fucking redheaded curly guy nearly took me down with him as he fell. I managed to get him off me by pulling his hair as hard as I could and thanks to Annika, who held me.. *shakes head*
Stina's comment: "Who let Simply Red in?"

The crowd grew and grew, it was HUGE.. and we were still right in front !!!
Then there were flash-lights everywhere on stage,in between total darkness.. and the guys came on stage.

And they ROCKED.. omg it was just amazing!
I can't remember the set-list, but as soon as I find it I might edit.

As I havent been a major FF fan (since yesterday!!) before.. I only new the songs and the guys from a few pics and reports via my flist and such..
regarding him we were standing on the wrong side, as Bob was walking up and down right in front of us..
And he even smiled from time to time, which is rare i figured :))

Nick spoke german from time to time, which was wonderful as they did their introductions before the end..
Alex did Bob, Nick and Paul's and Nick introduced Alex in German:

"Und der Mann, der heute abend fuer euch singt, der Mann in rot, der alle Herzen bricht."
"And the man who is singing for you tonight, the man in red, who brakes everybody's heart ."

As Stina and Annika were fighting for their coats, Uli and I took a walkoutside and I jumped and turned and walked back when Uli made me aware of the fact that we had just past the window of the dressing room where´ Alex was sitting without a shirt!

We started to discuss if we should wait for them to come out, but went back to the car, cos everyone felt to shy.. There was nobody else at the doors..
I felt like driving by the other side of the venue, which was the bestest idea, cos we saw around 20 people standing next to the 4 huge trucks and busses.. Nice one.. we would've waited at the wrong entrance!

I did a bit of James Bond-ish driving and parking ( my speciality!!) and we rushed to join the other people.

Shortly after we had arrived the guys from The Rakes came out. Some people went for autographs.
As did the fucking ebay sellers..

Bob was the first to come out and we got his autograph and pictures with him..
He soon figured who were fans and who were ebay bastards, so he asked one of the guys "what's your favourite song of the album?". It was hilarious.. He even asked "What band am I in" and "What's my name?". And the ebay fuckers made complete fools of themselves! HAHAHAA

Alex and Nick ( and Paul who me missed..) came out soon afterwards and did the same Q&A game :)
My pic with Alex turned out "arty" because the flash didnt work, to return "the favour" Annika has her eyes closed on hers :)

So, Nick..
uhm.. he blew me away..
He was looking at me, with his head tilted to the side and was so super friendly,pulling me real close and stroking my back while Annika took our picture..
This was all outdone by the way he looked at Annika.
Some guy told Nick it was time to go, so he said "Come,quick" and drew her really really close, both arms around her..

We left soon afterwards, unfortunatley not knowing the Bar "8mm" that Bob had mentioned to some girls..
I'd found out where it was by the time we got home and ready for bed.. so .. next time, riiiight?!

On with the pics..
on stage )

After the show )


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