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ok.. im off to my parents ...
will be back october 5th..the latest, so im gonna celebrate my birthday with them and my friends.
*hugs flist*
im gonna have a lj party when i get back

[ profile] littlepixii great to have you back, been wonderful chatting to you again and we will TALK soon, i promise!

see ya

*runs away to hide tears*
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hi... im back.. sort of..
cancelled the rest of the vacation, bc im sick ( and tired of fucking camping). i cant stop puking and my fever is still a little high. wonderful end for a fucking shitty vacation. full report, when i have normal pc access. as for now, i had to search hours in my shitty small hometown for an internet cafe that doesnt exist.with interruptions searching a toilet( blreugh). am at a friends house now.. to see whats been going on.
still missing you all and cant wait to get back to hours of chatting.

great.. premiere picked up lost.. eh??? cant get fucking expensive premiere.. but i wont watch the messed up german voices anyway..

my queer as folk dvds arrived but still are lying at some toll-offices.. wonderful

am staying at my parents for another week ( no pc there .. booohoooo ), not talking to tom anymore. greatness isnt it?
and most of my friends are still away on holiday.
can please someone come and save me?
*snogs to everyone who feels the need to be snogged by me* (eh?)
*hugs flist*
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in honour of my totally wonderful weekend..

Titel oder Beschreibung
how i love my two girls

Titel oder Beschreibung
me drunk with tom :)

Titel oder Beschreibung

Titel oder Beschreibung

man, i miss you all so much *sobs*
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i had a really fantastic time at my parents..

we arrived late on thursday )

sometimes i really hate living so far away..

i missed STARDOM
and the chat terribly..
and it was just these days that it was all crazy and fun b/c of comic con.
i really wanted to talk to the girls so badly.
but now i'm back.. but only for two weeks.. i should be happier about going to the south of france.
anyways.. so much slash, lj and forum stuff to read

and going into therapy again today.. yay fun

great to be back!


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