Jan. 28th, 2009 09:19 pm
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 Jack's Mannequin are playing Berlin in march 


Tinytinytiny club!!!!

anyone wanna come?
buying the tickets tomorrow!

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What can I say?
Never in my life have I seen a person with more presence on stage than Jared Leto.
I always liked 30 Seconds to Mars' music.. But seeing them live?? Really makes you love them!!
Seriously. Jared Leto MAKES YOU love his music!!

Before we got into the venue we waited with Eva Padberg next to the gate. I instantly recognized her.. [livejournal.com profile] galeena had to check twice :)
We finally knew it was her, when she went through the gate onto the parking lot, where she was introduced to Jared and Tomo o.O
( She looked like hell btw. Ugly clothes and greasy hair.. )

We waited outside of the venue afterwards, but were informed that Jared was already @ White Trash, a club/restaurant I had shown Dine on Saturday..

I wish I could've gone to Hamburg with [livejournal.com profile] galeena and [livejournal.com profile] cellardoor081 today.. Already addicted??!

No pics from the show.. I only took some videos.
Here's just us )

I miss Dine already. She's a really special person to me, by now.
I felt save with her.. All the time.

There's been a change of plans for the next weekend, as Caroline won't be able to come with me to Herten.
So.. there's a good chance that I'm gonna be with Dine again, already, next Saturday *hopes*
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Is anyone interested in going to see Brett Anderson ( Ex Suede) on April 27th and The Rakes on May 2nd with me?!

Unfortunately tickets for Brett are 25 Euros (0.o) .. The Rakes only 16.

Paolo Nutini is coming again .. And I think Steffi is still coming along?!
I might give the drunk another chance.. 

A concert that I'm sad I won't be able to go to, because of my old job is this monday.
[profile] kaoru_is_here : DUKE SPECIAL  is playing at the LIDO.. the warm up act is Maximilian Hecker, who I've also been dying to see for ages!!
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Mind you, I havent really tried out more than one or two songs, but "30 Seconds to Mars" including Jared Leto are coming to Berlin on January 28th..

Anyone coming along??
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(tickets go on sale friday! !!!)
12.3.07 - Columbiahalle - 20:00 Uhr

i ask who's coming along, but this time i dont have a problem with going alone, if nobody wants to!!
this is a dream come true!!

*happy dance, happy tears, happy day*
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FUCKITY FUCK... I knew it. The Paolo Nutini concert has been re-located :( 
Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof, [livejournal.com profile] stefsoleil and [livejournal.com profile] blavandgirl

I wanted a small venue.. and not that one filled with screaming little girls *cries*

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Holy Shit!!

SHAWN COLVIN is coming to Berlin. Playing at the tiny Quasimodo club!!
I never ever expected her to EVER come to Germany OMG!!!

In other concert news, I realized that Jamie Cullum is playing on the same night as Paolo Nutini..
As we already have Paolo tickets and I already have a photo with Jamie, it's all good LMAO...
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The brilliance that is Neil Hannon and the Divine Comedy took me by surprise tonight!
I wanted to see him/them live in ages, but once I got the ticket I was pretty calm and didn't even look forward to it as I should've!!

So, first off, the support act "Duke Special" from Belfast was BRILLIANT. Just him on the piano and his funny , clownish drummer.
Unfortunately the CD that [profile] kaoru_is_here bought afterwards isn't nearly as good as what he did live .. boohoo..

I kept telling Jonas that Mr Hannon is a really small man, but he didn't believe me *LOL*
And then he came on stage the tiny man. In a suit and shades. Kinda looked like a mixture between Martin Short and Billy Boys.. Really.

I loved the concert from the beginning to then end! Maybe because I didn't have high expectation the surprise hit me even harder!
It was such an entertaining show. The band is fabulous and Neil Hannon has an amazing voice ( I think it's the guiness he drinks on stage!!) and is quite a funny lad. Not big with jokes, but a dry british humour and brilliant grimaces!

National Express, the second to last encore killed me..
It is one of my favourite songs of all time. A song that makes me utterly happy when I listen to it. It really has a special meaning to me..
And it was unbelievably wonderful live!!
He sang it with such fun and enthusiasm it brought tears to my eyes although it is such a happy tune!!!

I need the DVD!!!!!

ETA: Info for Jonas: 
In January 2005, Hannon announced that he had acquired the worldwide copyrights to all of his recorded output with his former record label, Setanta Records. He declared on the band's official website that he would be launching his own record label Divine Comedy Records in order to re-release his 1990s output. It is understood that he will be re-releasing Liberation (1993) through to Fin de Siècle (1998) on his own label in 2006.

So, the CDs will be available again!!
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3 Clips and a few pics from last nights concert..

I finally bought my ticket to see him again on november 23rd . how could I resist for 14,50?! *lol*

As ny camera turns into crap as soon as the music gets loud and/or a bass starts to play I didnt record anything of the concert..
So it's just these clips, uploaded onto sendspace 

Intro to Gnarls Barkley's Crazy (17 MB)

Q&A with Alan Bangs ( the guy with the hilarious hair), in which he talks about singing scottish, soul music and playing with Ben E.King (57 MB

Q&A Part 2 

Part 3 will be uploaded tomorrow ( I'm at work and the clip is on my home computer..)
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Beautiful, gorgeous, talented and faaaar too young to be that sexy and that good!!
Paolo Nutini is freakishly 19 years old..

There were only 2 or 3 times and only seconds where you could see a little shyness and a glimpse of his age.

The concert was a press thing plus a few happy people like me *lol*
I don't really know how many people were there, but not more than 90 or 100.. 
A tiny venue, all in red velvet and with chandeliers above the stage!

So, yeah..Fantastic, fresh concert. Sexy rock'n roll voice with a souly touch!!

And an embarrassing Q&A in the end..
Everyone was waiting for that front row girl to ask the ONE question..

More pics and video ( only some q&a with his sexy scottish accent...) tomorrow..

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guess who just won tickets to see PAOLO NUTINI perform an intimate showcase tonight ????!!!

*swoons over teh scottishness*

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The moment Annika and I finally decided to go and see "The Killers" tickets are sold out..

They were only a few Euros more on ebay.. so...
YES, Ms [profile] blavandgirl and I are going to see Mr Flowers and his mates in September..

In the club where this pic was taken *points to icon*

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So, who's coming with me to see "The Divine Comedy" on Oct 11th??

*worships Neal  Neil Hannon*

I've waited all my life for that concert!!!!!

Other then that.. A post on how I saw the Nationalmannschaft various times the past days (there be pics!!) 
or how we have 2 friends from Italy stressing us out in our appartment.. 
Or how I LOVE my Evi who's in Berlin with her BF at the moment..  later today or tomorrow ;D

Until then, have some pics from [profile] maiky711 incl a STARING!jens lehmann.. guh




Jul. 13th, 2006 01:13 pm
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Look [personal profile] kerrsmith2306 and [personal profile] hai_di and [profile] blavandgirl

Dispatch Notification from Robbie Williams Tickets for order 16204

Dear Miss Pesarra

The above order has been dispatched to the address below

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Razorlight's roadies are waaay more sexy then the band *lol*
We were ogling them while they were setting up the stuff for the band..

Johnny Burrows is a wee little fella, looking like he just turned 13 or something when you're standing right in front of him *lol*

The concert was great. There were just the 100 people that won the tickets.. so it was all relaxed but still brilliant!
They played songs from the new album, which I'm now dying to finally hear!

Had to buy the new NME with a cover story on them!
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squeeee [livejournal.com profile] blavandgirl and [livejournal.com profile] hai_di are doing fine!
I received a first report of their journey 1 1/2 hours ago.
Their flights were ok, they survived the sleep deprivation and a loud youth hostel in Christchurch and have just met [livejournal.com profile] kerrsmith2306 and took a tour to Mount Cook.
Weather is great, which made the tour exhausting, hiking in 30° Celsius :P

Anyways, that was that..
Death Cab for Cutie rocked!!
I spontaniously took [livejournal.com profile] wide_ocean with me to the concert, as Tom was sick and tired..
The warm up act, some John Vandersomething bored the hell out of me. Seriously, he wins the prize for most boring act ever!!
The audience was okay, there was no stagediving or other badasses, but lot and lots of smokers :(
It took a moment for the guys to get into the show, as it was the premierw of their European Tour. But after a few songs the sparkle was there and I enjoyed all the wonderful songs..
"What Sarah Said" has been my favourite since "Plans" came out and they played it near the end .. and it made me cry..

My job for now is to find out what the song is called they played as an encore.. Sandra and I were both pretty impressed by it, but have no idea if it was a cover or on of their songs.
Let's ask google :D

ETA: Sandra, the song is "Follow you into the dark" and it's on the latest album!! *lol*
It sounded sooo different live..
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As it was fricking cold I arrived only half an hour before the doors opened. As I said before, the concert took place in a church which was both wonderful and weird…
Annika arrived soon after me and we were with the first to be let in.
I didn’t wanna sit in the first row, cos it was sooo close to the stage and I would’ve felt like on a plate in front of Jamie ;)
So second row in the middle.. it really like waiting for church service *shakes head*

We had lots of fun, Annika's face kinda gives the impression of what we felt during the warm-up act Beady Bell
title or description

.. and what we thought of the girl sitting next to us :)

Jamie started at 9pm with “Nature Boy”. He just walked on stage and tried to try out the acoustic it seemed.. He explained it seemed to be the appropriate song for a church..(although with all the stripping he did while singing, it didn't seem that appropriate after all ;D

title or description

Although seated the audience was totally into the whole thing and the atmosphere was wonderful!.
After about an hour the band took a break and Jamie played “21st century kid” ( about how politics aren't always easy to understand to us..)and “Photograph”(about pics he found when he was even smaller than he is now.. and omg he is soooo small!!) all by himself.

title or descriptiontitle or description

The band was fun to watch, too. The drummer played a solo, that must have been 10 minutes long. He used everything available on stage to play on.. even Jamie's beloved piano. Jamie kinda ran off and hid in reaction to his baby "being hurt".
He was in such a great mood, always jumping around, playing the piano with his ass and his chair *ouch*..

I was able to make wonderful little clips ( anyone interested? )and I cannot stop listening to "High and Dry".
His version of the Radiohead song was on his first album and I've always loved it!
Such a brilliant piano intro and close to the end he made the audience sing with him.. So he got up from the piano, had the whole audience sing in tune ( really really good!! ) and then he sang some notes without a mic, in between which sounded so amazing it could've easily made me cry..

"London sky" about trying to see the good in the english weather ended in a fire of brazilian rhythms and a never tired Jamie jumping around behind some drums. FUNTIMES!!
This made me do Annika'S fav quote of the night..
We made a little fun of poor Franzies' Bob comparing his stage appearance with Jamie's.. And then switching over to their abilities in bed.. Seeing a cute with endless energy?! COme one.. whose mind wouldn't go there?!

After the concert we waited outside for a while ..
title or description

.. still effing cold

Jamie came out eager to sign some stuff and to collect some kisses :D
As it was my turn, he signed my picture and gave me two kisses and said "OOhh, you're cold"
Annika was somewhere behind some girls ( and she had the camera..), so I had to go back and ask for a pic after he was done with that silly girl that sat next to us before and who had to ask him endless questions..ARGH..
So, we took the picture ( of course I had to bend down a little as he indeed is smaller than I am..) and again he was up for two kisses ;)
I joked:"Ooh, more kissing", so he looked at me and grinned :"Oh we've already kissed!" *grin*

oooh.. more stuff I remember:
*his bassist looks like Sean Bean with a dork hairdo!! He really does!!!
*for "Oh God" ( about the TSunami victims and his beliefs in music..) the Beady Bell singer came on stage to sing with him.. After she had left the stage Jamie said:"Beady Bell are my favourite band in the world.." o_O.. okaaay...
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More concerts to come..
so excited:
[livejournal.com profile] blavandgirl aka Mrs Blunt just texted me that James Blunt is coming to Berlin in January. We are so going :)

(and I just read that Babyshambles are supposed to play in Berlin Nov.11th!!)

So my concert schedule for the next month:

Nov 14th Gavin DeGraw/Amsterdam
Nov 21st Rufus Wainwright/Berlin
Nov 23rd Jamie Cullum/Berlin
Dec 6th Mark Owen/Potsdam
Dec 8rd Michael Bublé/Berlin
Jan 23rd James Blunt/Berlin

(Nov 8th Franz Ferdinand)
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anyone in Berlin up for one of the following concerts??

Kaiser Chiefs - Postbahnhof/Sept 8th
The Ark - POstbahnhof/Sept 27th
STEREOPHOMICS - ColumbiaClub/Oct 4th
FRANZ FERDINAND- Tempodrom/Nov 11th
Maximo Park - POstbahnhof/Nov 26th

omg, do i have to print me own money now??
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1. READ LITTLE SCOT with all its chapters
2. CLEAN THE BATHROOM ( i promised )
3. CLEAN ROOM (clothes and all)
7. FUCK OR WANK? whatever comes up

so alanis yesterday.

we were on the guest-list so it was kinda cool to see all the people waiting at the entrance and just walk past them and go in.
the venue was really cool, the berlin museumisland with the old nationalgallery and the river going by

there were only few toilettes, so i had to go instantly.. bah

Meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful..... husband )

so now work again,... did some nice chatting in the morning.. they were all there.. jamie, laurie, katie and anne... nice

bought tickets to see maroon 5 in october...YAY YAY... and jamie is thinking about coming to berlin then!


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