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I'm in love with Tony Almeida from CTU!!!!
He is so manly and strong and handsome and I just want him to save me.

Welcome to my world *lmao*

24 - marathon last night.. We're nearly through with Season 2 and have to wait for Trisha's boyfriend now, to bring Season 3 with him next week :)

My so-called sport addiction makes me proud.. Or not the addiction itself, but the fact that I'm losing weight and more importantly can see my body change..
*touches flattening tummy*
(30 mins cardio/30 mins weights and 14 km biking to work and back .. well 7 of those are still ahead of me tonight.. but, yeah..)
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the early shifts are sooooo exhausting..

i went swimming after work yesterday (gotta do a little sports..) and after that sat on the couch until 9pm, then went to bed.. unbelivable.
and still 3 days of working to go.
on friday i'll leave for herten for a 1 1/2 weeks. hopefully i can use the internet at toms parents' house *keeps fingers crossed*

i emailed the invitations to my birthday this weekend, but so far i only got 3 responses ( positiv.. yay)..
i wish a few more people could come, but like you, my dear flist-people most people are living far away.
so far there will be around 15-20 people coming.. yay for the pressies..hehe.

looks like the insurance of the dumbass who drove into my car is gonna cover...they gonna send someone to look at the car on wednesday. i hate that i have so much on my mind.. i wish i could put those things away.
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another link to a site that should be visited every day .. LOL

went to do some nordic walking today.. good girl ..
at work again.. bored..
reading slash..

dom will prolly be in edinburgh in augusz, cos the purifierts will premiere there... am in france then,,*cries*

a little dom to look at while being sad...
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finally got off my arse and went to the gym today... felt so good afterwards. should do more often..

have been chatting with the wonderful laurie ( who wont tell me her real name) and jamie for the last days.. jamie is really coming to visit me when she is in london..cant wait to meet her



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